Trek Advocacy: 1 World, 2 Wheels

Trek Advocacy One World Two WheelsAwhile back I posted this video from the president of Trek, John Burke, calling the bike industry to advocacy. Trek continues to put their money where their mouth is by launching their new program, 1 World, 2 Wheels.

From Bicycle Retailer:

Trek’s president asked retailers to participate in its program […] Burke said Trek will provide leadership and commitment, as well as ads, brochures, T-shirts, billboards and signage. Trek will donate $10 for every full-suspension bike sold to IMBA, for a minimum of $600,000 over the next three years. Trek also will donate $1 per helmet to Bicycle Friendly Communities, for a minimum of $1 million over the next three years.

From Trek’s Website:

Trek Dealers are working to get people to ride their bikes and make a more bike friendly world, one mile at a time.

We all know the world has some problems; gas is expensive and cars pollute, the roads are congested and humans are getting bigger. And not in a good way.

Luckily, there is a solution to these problems. A solution that burns calories, not gas. It doesn’t waste fuel sitting in traffic. Something that could even bring communities closer together.

The solution is the bicycle.

With 40% of non-work related car trips being taken being two miles or less, what would happen if more people took the short trips on their bike? What if more communities had a “Safe Routes to Schools” plan so kids could ride to school safely? What would the world be like with more bicycle friendly communities?

Imagine arriving at work fresh instead of frazzled. Parking within feet of the building! Your kids getting exercise to and from school. Better still, commuting by bike IS exercising! And there are no carbon emissions from burning calories.

We all can ride and we have only one planet. Trek and Trek dealers challenge you to join us in making the world a more bike friendly place. You can start by riding your bike. It’s the greenest thing you can do to help the earth.

I’m really excited to see Trek step up in such a big way to show the world that a solution to a lot of our problems is the bicycle. Additional steps they are taking include hiring a fulltime, experienced advocacy worker and distributing lots of pro-bike paraphernalia.

Last week the 1 World, 2 Wheels program was launched in Trek’s hometown of Madison and every one of the dealors signed on. If your Local Bike Shop is a Trek dealer, encourage them to jump on board and make a difference.

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0 thoughts on “Trek Advocacy: 1 World, 2 Wheels”

  1. Fritz says:

    I believe it’s a good thing for bike dealers to be involved in advocacy like this, at least right now. But think of this situation (it’s a real life thing):

    1. A local bike shop “Joe’s Bike Shop” provides funding for local bicycling advocacy.
    2. County asks for input from bicyclists on input for proposed trail. Option A goes by “Joe’s Bike Shop.” Option B goes by the competitor’s bike shop. At the meeting to discuss this, bike club members all clearly like Option B better (for whatever reasons), but then Joe (who owns Joe’s Bike Shop) makes veiled threats about pulling support unless they vote for Option A.
    3. Bike Club caves and votes for Joe’s option.
    4. Bike Club is now clearly a marketing arm for Joe’s Bike Shop and no longer serves the interests of all cyclists in the area.

    This is a true story. So, is bike dealer support of local advocacy a good thing or not?

  2. Trek gets onboard with transportational cycling….

    Trek is now actively supporting transportation cycling.  The new Fisher Simple City, which is supposedly going into production, is perfect for the casual commuter. It looks like there will be other additions to the bike line up that are actually func…

  3. Katherine Roberts says:

    Dear Fritz,

    What you are describing is the problem with non-profit organizations (even community-minded ones, even – gasp! – bicycle advocacy groups) taking over quasi-governmental functions, even though they are not government agencies. The built-in checks and balances of our brilliantly-designed democratic system go instantly out the window, replaced instead by a reliance on non-profit “leaders'” goodwill and good judgment.

    I have long thought that the slow takeover of governmental functions by NGO’s is a very dangerous trend both locally and worldwide — and I say this as a committed environmentalist and bicyclist. Theoretically, we’ve already paid for the improvements you describe, in the form of taxes. And the people responsible for making those improvements are theoretically held accountable by a system called democratic elections. But when government spending priorities are so skewed that even the paltry amount we voters voted to allocate for transit in California gets stolen out of the budget by our legitimately-elected governor, groups like “Bicycle Friendly Communities, Inc.” spring up to fill the vaccuum, and companies like Trek start giving money to them, instead of working to get the right people elected who will make the safety of their non-driving constituents top priority. Then the kinds of conflict of interest you describe are a logical next step.

    I honestly believe that until we stop this madness and start putting our energies back into holding government officials responsible for the health and safety of their constituents — the basic reasons why they are elected in the first place — the situation will only continue to get worse. That’s why I’ve virtually stopped ALL donations to non-profit groups, even the “good” ones.

  4. >>>I have long thought that the slow takeover of governmental functions by NGO’s is a very dangerous trend both locally and worldwide

    “Takeover” and “support” are not necessarily one and the same….

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