Haro Metro Series

While following a link from twentynineinches I found my way on Bike Biz Babe’s blog. Earlier in the day a prototype 29er was found there, when I stumbled across the blog I found some previews of Haro‘s new Metro line. It looks from the photos & pricing to be well spec’d bikes for the new 2008 line up. From what Jill said on her blog they aren’t expected till late in the year.

Meet Roscoe ($550):




Sanford ($750):


Maxwell ( $950):


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0 thoughts on “Haro Metro Series”

  1. Quinn says:

    Raleigh/DB makes 6 bikes all together that seem to be better and I know are cheaper

  2. Fritz says:

    I noticed these bikes have the same seatpost with the built-in tail light as the Masi (owned by Haro) Speciale Commuter bike.

  3. Tim Grahl says:

    Yeah that built-in taillight is pretty rad. Big plus in my mind.

  4. Matt S. says:

    I’m not real familiar with 29 inch bikes. I’m 6’4″, and wondering if they would be better suited for a tall person. Any thoughts?

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