Sneak peak: Cannondale urban bikes

The website has been “under construction” for ages, but Cannondale gives us a little peak under the kimono of their intentions at Eurobike 2007, where they revealed a concept folding bicycle and the Cannondale Hooligan.

cannondale folding concept bike

The folding bike seems to be based on the Jacknife design. A one sided “Righty” fork and rear wheel support only on the drive side gives the bike a flat left side to enable very compact folding. I wrote a bit more about this bike at Cyclelicious and hope to provide additional details from Interbike.

The Cannondale Hooligan is another interesting bike. It’s a BMXish looking bike with small wheels, internal hub gearing and disk brakes.

Cannondale Hooligan

You can read and see more about these bikes at Bike Radar, which are reporting directly from Eurobike.

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0 thoughts on “Sneak peak: Cannondale urban bikes”

  1. Warren T says:

    If they’re going to open the kimono by using the long tail of their website they’re going to have to drill down and think outside the box. Maybe they could take this offline and boil the ocean to blue sky something to run up the flag pole.

  2. Steve D says:

    Easy there Warren. While I agree that Fritz got a little cute there by replacing the more commonly used “hood” with “kimono” he doesn’t deserve to be raked over the coals for it. 🙂

    A bit more on topic, I don’t particularly care for these Cannondale designs but it is nice to see some creativity every now and then.

  3. Warren T says:

    Naw, he just triggered a corporate speak flashback. You can always count on us to enthusiastically engineer excellent infrastructures in order to conveniently create ethical information while promoting personal reader growth. We have committed to proactively integrate scalable cycling leadership skills so that we may professionally customize diverse posts to stay competitive in tomorrow’s world.

  4. Warren T says:

    But, seriously, Fritz — if you get the chance, try to get some video of them folding and un-folding the bike.

  5. Pete says:

    Small problem for a commuting bike….. where’s the luggage rack? Most of us like to carry a few things when we commute, in the real world. Otherwise I’d just ride a stripped road bike.

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