How Do You Know For Sure?

There is a wonderful thread over at Team Estrogen asking the question “You know you’re officially a bike commuter when…”

So many of the entries ring true. The one that smacked me in the face was “when you drive your car to work people ask you where your bike is.” Grab a cup of coffee (or whatever beverage gets you going after the ride in) and pop over and check it out.

Found via Treadly and Me

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0 thoughts on “How Do You Know For Sure?”

  1. geoffrey says:

    You know you are a bike commuter when you haven’t driven in over 20 years, you don’t know how much transit fare costs and you ride your bike 120 km to visit your dear old mom in the next town because taking the bus is annoying, costs more and saves you no time in reality.

  2. Noah says:

    * when you do have to drive somewhere, you avoid manhole covers, storm drains, and dainty potholes, even if you’re in an SUV.

    * You know exactly how many work days you’ve commuted by bike. It’s 135 for me so far this year.

    * When giving directions to a motorist, you get an odd look when you say “hop the curb and cut through the grass to get onto 62nd terrace”

    I could do this allll day long.

  3. You wonder what all the fuss is about every time someone asks, “You know you’re officially a bike commuter when… %) dsm

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