Month: August 2007

Gary Fisher commuter bike spy photo!

Trek World is the big show in Madison Wisconsin for dealers to learn about Treks new products and plans for world domination. Arleigh the bike mechanic and Guitar Ted both went and snapped lots of bikey photos. Dr. Logan noticed this prototype of a Gary Fisher Commuter bike in Arleigh’s photostream. Here’s what Guitar Ted…

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CBB Poll: Baggage Options

Around this time every year I start questioning my options for getting my work stuff back and forth. I’ve always used a backpack, but with afternoon temperatures close to 10° F (3° C) and the humidity making it feel 5 to 1° warmer, I’ve got to wonder if another option would be better. So, what…

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Hoss Technical Gear clothes for your commute

Hoss Technical Gear started a couple years back with the goal of making comfortable, functional and affordable clothes for mountain bikers. Instead of creating jerseys that were tight and showed off all the wrong things, they launched with wicking jerseys and T’s that were loose and comfortable to wear but also kept you cool and…

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Fast Boy Fenders

Beautiful, aren’t they. They’re Fast Boy Fenders — “Handcrafted bicycle fenders for you.” I first noticed Fast Boy Fenders on flickr while searching for other, bicycle related photos. One look at the craftsmanship that must go into these and I just had to know more. I contacted Ezra and asked him to tell us a…

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Commute 101: Riding at Night

Ed. – A lot of commuters have to deal with riding when the stars are out instead of the sun. RL Policar of recently spent several months doing just that and was kind of enough to write up this guest article with his tips on staying safe while riding at night. Leave a comment…

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Automatic turn signals and brakes

Sue in Chambana, Illinois wants more lightning and turn signals for her bike. This cyclist jacket idea with a brake light on the back and turn signals in the arms might do the trick. See the video below to see this jacket in action. Found via Cycle Dog.

Weekend Project: Ride your bike for fun!

Bikes aren’t just for getting from point A to B. Remember what it was like to ride a bike when you were a kid? A bike meant exploration, working on your sweet jumps and spending time with friends. This weekend spend some time on your bike having fun. Guidelines Some of us need rules just…

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A Guide to a Simple Bike Commute

A special message for Huffington Post readers Designing your bike commute to be as minimalistic as possible will make it easier to opt for your carbon free, two wheeled transportation on a more regular basis. It will also reduce the daily stress of between waking up and walking out the door. The tips in this…

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What is your perfect do all commuter bike?

It’s pretty obvious that the bike industry is making a big push to utilitarian bikes. To carry everything around, Surly has their Big Dummy complete with Xtracycle goodies. And now the 2008 Kona UTE is sporting similar characteristics. Then you have plenty that are low maintenance singlespeed and fixed gear bikes like the Kona Paddywagon…

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