Month: August 2007

Bike Trailer Questionaire

A group of students at the Art Institute of Colorado majoring in Industrial Design are working on designing a bicycle cargo trailer. Please help them out by answering some questions about bicycle cargo trailers. Your input could help inspire an exciting new bicycle cargo trailer design.

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2008 Redline 925

We’ve reviewed the Redline 925 before and it’s my current fixed gear bike of choice. For 2008 Redline steps it up with a much cooler paintjob and switched out the mustache handlebars for some bullhorn. What do you think? (Click the pictures to see them bigger)

Yahoo! company car

Check this out. Yahoo! had a huge bike fair at their main campus in Sunnyvale, California. Five lucky winners got this special purple edition of the Specialized Globe Comp IG8. The Globe is Specialized’s line of hybrid commuter bikes, and this particular model is equipped with carbon fiber forks with rack mounts and the Shimano…

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The Raleigh commuters take pictures

The folks at Raleigh USA are off doing their photo shoot for the 2008 catalog and their marketing guru and editor of the Ke-myoo’ter blog, Carey Schleicher, is posting lots of behind-the-scenes pictures. Below are a few of my fav’s but make sure you check out their blog to see the rest.      …

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Any folders in the fold?

Folding bike maker Dahon recently reported record sales for the first half of 2007, with unit numbers and revenue at all time highs for the small California company. On my commute in the San Francisco Bay Area, I see a variety of folding bikes from Bike Friday, Brompton and other vendors, but I see more…

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Save some room, the foldable helmet

What’s the bulkiest item in every commute? The helmet… Stash, a company out of the United Kingdom, has come up with a foldable helmet. Saw this link to on velorution: In brief tests, the Stash helmet felt as strong and as light as a regular model and it apparently conforms to international safety standards….

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Raleigh Cadent Recall

Raleigh America is recalling 2007 Raleigh Cadent 1.0, Cadent 2.0 and Cadent Carbon bicycle models with carbon forks. There have been three reports of the carbon forks breaking resulting in injuries including a dislocated shoulder, a concussion and a broken jaw. The bikes were made in China and were sold at Raleigh America dealers nationwide…

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Dealing With The Overly Courteous

We have yet to have had a 10° day in the Kansas City area this summer. Don’t get me wrong, I do NOT have a problem with the cooler temperatures. Last year, July and August gave us afternoon temperatures around 10° to 10° on a regular basis. What I have noticed this year is that…

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One Way crashworthiness

I’ve mentioned previously that most of my bicycle commuting over the past 20 years has been on skinny tire “racing” style road bikes. A close encounter with a car on these bikes almost always results in a bent or broken wheel and often results in little plastic and metal bits scattered all over the road….

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