Enjoy Labor Day

Get out and ride just for the fun of it. In the mean time:

Welcome to Coffee Talk, I’m your host Warren T. Here’s a topic: It has been said that there are old pilots and bold pilots but no old, bold pilots. Discuss.

[…replacing “pilots” with “cyclists.”] Go ahead, talk amongst yourselves.

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0 thoughts on “Enjoy Labor Day”

  1. Prescott says:

    Well in my touring group there is an older man with thousand upon thousands of club mileage. We live in Michigan, so I wouldn’t expect him (or most road bikers for that matter) to be out doing serious mileage over the winters, but nevertheless he is always out there – nearly 7 days a week.

    Old and bold

  2. Jen (SLC) says:

    My dad is 72 and has a favorite 20+ mile loop that he does a few times a week. This weekend was the first time that I felt like I could keep up the whole way (higher elevation and hillier and windier than I’m used to), and that may have only been because we had to wait out some heavy rain and lightning at gas station mid-ride. Can’t wait until I’m retired and can take long rides every single day.

  3. Fritz says:

    Where’s the cyclist safety data that shows that experienced, trained cyclists are much less likely to be killed than inexperienced cyclists?

    Data also shows that male cyclists are much more likely than female cyclists to be killed or seriously injured. This is on an activity basis, so this is not based on gender participation rates but rather on the fact that males are much more likely to engage in high risk behaviors.

    So displaying your mad traffic skillz will make it less likely for you to survive into old age.

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