Real life Spike Bike

Some of the old timers might remember Bob Fishell’s Spike Bike series of posts to Usenet in 1989. Spike Bike was a fictional cyclist in “the cyclist’s paradise” of bike-free Detroit, Michigan. He carries a submachine gun in his water bottle cage, stuffs a couple of grenades in his jersey pockets, and a Rambo knife in its sheath on the front fork.

Milwaukee area news sources are reporting that a motorist knocked down at bicyclist. After the cyclist fell, he got up to fire three shots at the motorist, who was hit in the shoulder. Police said they were looking for the bicyclist, who was described as a Hispanic male in his late teens with a stocky build. There was no description of the bicycle.

So, ahhh, watch where you’re driving. You never know who you’ll run into.

News from The Star Tribune, FOX 6 News, and WKBT. I absolutely do not condone the use of firearms to “get back” at motorists who accidentally hit you. I’m sure CBB reader Mike, who carries, agrees.

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0 thoughts on “Real life Spike Bike”

  1. Mike Myers says:

    Of course getting accidentally hit isn’t grounds for shooting someone. Having two rednecks corner you with ill intent—-getting close.

  2. Aidan says:

    I guess elsewhere I would be expected to feel sympathy for the, likely white and unpoor, respectable owner of the automobile. Well, besides the fact that I am Canadian, the reason I don’t cycle with a gun is that there’d be a lot of dead motorists.

  3. L. M. Lloyd says:

    Honestly, I once had to pull my gun (back when I lived in Texas, and had a concealed carry license) on a motorist while riding around Houston. I was riding home late from work one night, and some bubba in in a jeep decided it would be really fun to try and run me off the road. Now it wasn’t the first time some jerk had tried this, so I just hopped the curb, and started riding on the sidewalk. Well, at the first driveway we came to, he pulled up onto the sidewalk right in front of me, and I skidded to a stop inches from him. He and his two dunk buddies pile out of the jeep saying I had hit them, and that they were going to “take the damages out of my hide.” Now, I’m a pretty big guy (6’4″ 200lbs), and normally I would just respond by grabbing my Kryptonite, but one of them reached int the back of the Jeep and got out a baseball bat. At that point I reached in my camera bag and got out my Walther, and told them they should get back in their truck and be on their way. Fortunately, they obliged rather quickly, and I made the rest of the ride uneventfully, but I spent the whole way home thinking that either they were going to come around the corner any moment and run me down, or I would get pulled over by cops, and have a very long night explaining the situation.

  4. Milwaukee Man says:

    I’ll bet this homme on the bike isn’t usually seen on a bicycle, just a hunch.

  5. xcskimt (Robert) says:

    A bit strange to be carrying a firearm. I think I like the commuting life in Green Bay.

  6. L. M. Lloyd says:

    It isn’t that strange at all, depending on where you live. When I lived in Houston I carried one all the time, as did a good many least at that time, Houston had one of the highest violent crime rates in the country, and it only made sense to be able to defend yourself. It depends on the laws and the city where you live. Now that I live in LA, I don’t carry anymore, not because it is a particularly safe city, but because it is illegal to carry a firearm.

  7. Mike Myers says:

    I agree that it’s not that strange at all. Well, being a bicyclist with a firearm is probably statistically unlikely, but that’s because A) it’s difficult to carry while riding and B)bicyclists for some reason don’t tend to be firearms enthusiasts. It didn’t USED to be that way. In the early 20th century, firearms manufacturers made revolvers marketed at cyclists.

    I know people who have concealed carry permits in Minnesota. I also know of a cyclist who was beaten to death in Minneapolis a couple of weeks ago. Not going to be me.

  8. L. M. Lloyd says:

    Mike, it depends on how you define a bicyclist. If, for example, you figure in all those bicycle cops, I think that you would find a good percentage of the people on bikes have guns. In fact, I would imagine that just about anyone riding a Smith & Wesson bike probably has a gun.

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