Gary Fisher Simple City Update

What’s going on with the Gary Fisher Simple City?

I asked that question at the Outdoor Demo and was told that the bike will be available in January or February. Apparently the response across the net was way more than they expected so they’re moving fast on it. Not sure what the retail will be but you’ll know when I know.

Gary Fisher Simple City

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0 thoughts on “Gary Fisher Simple City Update”

  1. Dr. Logan says:

    I think the price points mentioned previously are $399 3-speed and $799 8-speed, though I’d be shocked if they met the lower one. I believe the basket will be optional as well. In any case, I gonna haffa get me one.

  2. Mike Myers says:

    If Gary Fisher can bring the Simple City 3-speed in for close to that price point, and the optional basket for a reasonable price, I see them selling as many as they can make. I would definitely prefer two caliper brakes, though.

  3. bigD says:

    Has anyone confirmed what the rear brake is going to be? I was expecting a drum brake as there is clearly a lever and Shimano has used this technology in the past on their internally geared rear hubs…

  4. djkenny says:

    A fully enclosed chain guard, Dynamo Hub lights, and some sturdy rear cables on the steel rack would be nice additions to a daily use commuter bike. I am looking for an upright postion bike of this type right now.

  5. RLS says:

    Are there decals on the bike? Seems like the only way it could pull off it’s retro look is to avoid them entirely or have very subtle ones.

  6. Mike Myers says:

    Ahh, Gary Fisher and the guys at Trek are pretty darned smart. You know they’ll design some neat retro-styled decals. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a headbadge on the Simple City, either. If Surly can do it at their price point, surely Gary Fisher can, too.

  7. RLS says:

    Well, if that’s the case, I’m sold on the 8 gears. I wonder if there will be a choice of handlebars?

  8. Mike Myers says:

    It appears that the Simple City as shown at Trek World will be specced with a coaster brake. I understand the appeal of a coaster brake, but I think that a coaster brake on a bike which will likely be used in traffic is a bad idea. Compromised braking performance aside, a bike with a coaster brake will inevitably have the pedal in the wrong position at a stoplight. With a freewheel bike that’s not a biggie—-just rotate it around. With a coaster brake you can’t do that. I emailed my concerns regarding that to support @ Gary Fisher. I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t want a coaster brake. The email address is Customer support there appears to be very interested in input from potential buyers.


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