Korean Minibike

Korean Minibike

Originally uploaded by richardmasoner.

I’m at Interbike now and have uploaded my first batch of photos which you can see here.

Shown here is a lightweight mini bicycle from the Korean Alton Sports. Minibicycles are big in Korea and Japan, but haven’t made much headway here in the United States. Alton is at Interbike to line up dealers.

The little bike has a small, very lightweight frame and small wheels and tires. This bike is Tiagra equipped, so it’s a decent ride.

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0 thoughts on “Korean Minibike”

  1. Ghost Rider says:

    How sadly misguided — someone ought to tell the folks at Alton Sports that car-branded bicycles are equated with junk here in the U.S. I mean, how well-received were the Hummer and Jeep bikes? Even Cadillac tried it, but the bikes were crap…

    If they really want to capture the attention of the U.S. market, name it “Pornstar” or something. After all, the porn industry is a multibillion dollar cashcow in the U.S.!!! Ha ha, just kidding — probably a bad idea.

    That being said, that is one sweet looking minibike! Very blingy, too!

  2. Fritz says:

    Hi Ghost, I actually mentioned to the Korean guy that putting car brands on bicycles was a bad idea. Apparently American auto brands have a cachet in the Far East; I told them it wouldn’t work here.

  3. Mike Myers says:

    I have lusted after the Bianchi Minivelo ever since I first saw one years ago. Maybe it’s because I’m short with big feet, but I think something like that would be great—-it would definitely cure my overlap problem. I hope they line up dealers, or maybe they can sell ’em online.

  4. Kim says:

    There are a lot of bikes here with car brands on them. Heck, there are bars, clothings stores and coffee shops here in Korea with car brands on them, along with other swiped brands from totally unrelated products. It’s not new, and while it certainly doesn’t fly in North America, it is very popular locally.

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