Month: September 2007

First Look: 2008 Raleigh Detour Deluxe

There were a few bikes at the Outdoor Demo that were on display but weren’t available for demo. The first of these is the 2008 Raleigh Detour Deluxe. The Detour Deluxe is a hybrid bike that’s built for a commuter looking for a relaxed riding position and a lot of great features. Several people have…

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Gary Fisher Simple City Update

What’s going on with the Gary Fisher Simple City? I asked that question at the Outdoor Demo and was told that the bike will be available in January or February. Apparently the response across the net was way more than they expected so they’re moving fast on it. Not sure what the retail will be…

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Demo Ride: Surly Big Dummy

One of the more exciting bikes that was shown at Interbike 2006 was the Surly Big Dummy. However, a year later, the bike is still not available. Surly has spent the last year riding and tweaking the bike to make it exactly what they want and it will finally be released this December. This bike…

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Demo Ride: Masi Soulville

Today I demoed the Masi Soulville commuter bike at the Outdoor Demo in Las Vegas. I spent about a half hour getting a feel for the bike and here are my initial impressions… The bike is extremely comfortable to ride. A relaxed, upright position is enabled, in part, by the spot-on handlebars. I’m not sure…

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Boston businesses promote cycling

The Boston Herald published this article on how Massachusetts businesses promote cycling: Leave your car at home, bike into work and get an annual $700 raise. That’s Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc.’s proposition. The Cambridge-based biotech offers employees who bike to work $175 extra per pay quarter. The 1,100-employee company supplies bike racks, locker rooms and showers…

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Real life Spike Bike

Some of the old timers might remember Bob Fishell’s Spike Bike series of posts to Usenet in 1989. Spike Bike was a fictional cyclist in “the cyclist’s paradise” of bike-free Detroit, Michigan. He carries a submachine gun in his water bottle cage, stuffs a couple of grenades in his jersey pockets, and a Rambo knife…

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Bike vs car

I’ve had three close encounters of the car kind in a lifetime of cycling. I present them for your education, enjoyment and evaluation. 1. G.I. Jane in Tokyo. This was around 1981 when I was 15 years old and riding my dad’s Japanese custom hand built touring bike to meet a friend at the Yokota…

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Interbike next week

Just a quick note that I will be at Interbike on behalf of Commute By Bike and the Crooked Cog Network. I promise to post plenty of photos and maybe some video, along with product previews. If you have any special requests please feel free to post them here and I’ll see what I can…

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BBC wants your commute photos and videos

The BBC wants to see photos and videos of the daily commute from around the world for a special short film they’re creating made up entirely of content they receive. When it is ready they will show it on the BBC News website and on BBC World. Photos and video can be emailed to,…

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