$1200 bike light

Yes, you read that right — Lupine Lighting Systems in Germany has introduced the “Betty” lamp with a suggested retail of $1185. Seven Seoul P4 white LEDs convert 22 watts into 1400 lumens of light for up to eight hours. That’s twice the brightness of a standard 55 watt car headlight.

This light is marketed to night-time mountain bike trail riders, but the Wall Street Journal reports on Lloyd Chambers of Portola Valley, CA, who commutes with this ultrabright bad boy. The WSJ article also mentions Princeton Tec’s Switchback series of lights (which I’ll review here soon — excellent light!); CatEye’s new Single Shots (which I took a look at at Interbike — another decent light); and Light and Motion’s Stella (also seen at Interbike).

Lupine has traditionally done HID lights for mountain biking, but the Betty and its predecessor the Wilma represent a departure from the highly efficient HID technology as white LEDs have become brighter and more efficient. CygoLite is also abandoning HID as they move to ultrabright LEDs lights like their TridenX triple LED.

Via Book of Joe via Gizmodo. The U.S. distributor for Lupine Lights is Gretna Bikes.

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0 thoughts on “$1200 bike light”

  1. Mike Myers says:

    Well, that’s just about right. Perhaps projecting as much light as a motor vehicle will get as much respect as a motor vehicle. The price is steep, but as with all high tech stuff, the price will come down. I imagine that in 3 years my DiNotte 600L will be seen as a quaint little light compared to the monsters which will be widely available.

    The ultimate would seem to be the Busch & Mueller “Big Bang”.


    It’s less expensive than the Lupine but LOOK AT THAT THING.

    Speaking of awesome lighting, check out the ultimate DiNotte taillight–


    How about 600 LUMENS of red taillight? God, I’m such a geek when it comes to lighting….

  2. Ghost Rider says:

    Big Bang, indeed! I really, really want one of those! Or one of these new Lupine lights.

    Mike is right — in a couple years, a lot of this new lighting technology will be available at a much cheaper price — but still expensive compared to the cheapie LED lights that currently saturate the market.

  3. CJ says:

    I am interested in you doing a review of the Cateye single shot.


  4. Mike Myers says:

    I imagine that single Luxeon 5W lights will eventually become the entry level. Having ridden with a DiNotte 5W, I think it’s just about the minimum useful see/be seen light.

  5. seoul p4 led says:

    […] LEDs convert 22 watts into 1400 lumens of light for up to eight hours. That??s twice the brightneshttp://commutebybike.com/2007/10/02/1200-bike-light/Seoul Semiconductor’s 420-lumen LED puts the sun to shameWe’re not really sure if seoul […]

  6. Thomas Anderson says:

    I bought the Lupine Betty Pro and it is worth every penny! It lights up the trail at night like no other light or lights that I have seen. Who wants to have two or three different lights and batteries when all you need is this remarkable light!!

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