CBB Poll: How far is your commute?

My morning commute recently doubled (temporarily) and it got me to wondering:


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31 thoughts on “CBB Poll: How far is your commute?”

  1. Fritz says:

    My commute is about 4 miles (one way), exclusive of my bus and train ride. My bike ride can be as long as 26 miles.

  2. SF Commuter says:

    My commute from Marin is usually 10 miles each way to the ferry. Once a week I like to ride all the way to San Francisco which is about 25 miles. I then commute home using the ferry for a 35 mile commuting day.

  3. Joel says:

    I have a puny commute (and miss my good one from CA which was 20-40 miles depending on sidetracks) of only 1.5 miles one way. Since it’s in the middle of Baltimore there aren’t any decent options for lengthening either.

  4. Rick says:

    Mine WILL BE 22 to 25 miles depending on which route I take.

  5. Noah says:

    When I ride all the way, it’s 14 miles each way, give or take.

    When I don’t feel like riding all the way, it can be anywhere from less than 3 miles, to about 7 or so depending on which bus stop I decide to ride to.

  6. Adrienne says:

    Without the bus, 18 miles. With the bus (which is most of the time), somewhere between 3 and 5 or more depending on how much time I have and which route I take.

  7. Jeff P. says:

    I live in NC and don’t have the luxury of a bus ride on my route, but the 13 miles one way is small rolling hills.

  8. Jerome says:

    my year-round daily commute west of Chicago is just over 3 miles as the bird flies and the leviathans rumble

    this includes a mile long stretch on a diagonal (SW) four lane that temporarily goes “limited-access” (in layout only, as there are only ramps, it’s not legislated) to cross over one six-lane and under another six-lane, which is where the idjits really let their insanity run wild

    the other night had a Ford Escape run up on me from behind, honking long and loud though the left lane was wide open

    after another signal was issued as a reply, and my signaled change to the left lane to make a left turn at the light at the end of the “limited-access” section was complete, this chump pulled up alongside me in the right lane and rolled down the window to bellow about getting onto the side of the road and assorted obscenities while…

    _holding_up_his_leather_badge_holder_with_the_really_real_looking_badge_on_it (!)

    apparently this was supposed to impress in some way, but when I yelled “you don’t even know the law!” back at the doofus, he drove on in blissful ignorance

    so, earlier this year devised a usual route that is just over 6 miles and avoids all traffic lights, crossing one of those six-lanes on a bridge included in a nice couple of miles on the Prairie Path, our local “interurban” trail, and the other a block west of a traffic light, where timing gets me through more easily than waiting would at the light

    use this most all of the time, but for when really short for time, in order to avoid the wrath of the dullards

  9. My commute is 18 miles each way from Issaquah (in the Cascade foothills) to the downtown Seattle Bikestation.

  10. jonathan says:

    I’ve not quite started commuting by bike yet, but did a trial run on the weekend. It’s about 30km through the Melbourne suburbs, unless I do part by train.

  11. TS says:

    6 miles one-way if I go as short as possible. My morning is usually 7.5m. The afternoon brings anywhere from the shortest 6 possible, to 30-mile long loops when the time permits. The goal is the ride a minimum 15 each day I commute, and usually I have no problem achieving that. Peace

  12. Nick says:

    My daily commute right now in Las Vegas is just under 5 miles each way. Up until recently I commuted about 11 miles each way through Boston, and sometime in January I am going to be going back up to around 10 or so each way out here where I am now . Depending on the day I will go anywhere from 10 miles to 25. Here in Vegas there is no public transit to speak of, so everything is on my bike!

  13. Greg Raisman says:

    3.5 miles of Portland bike boulevards, Hawthorne Bridge crossing, then 4 blocks in the travel lane downtown with cars timed to 12 MPH with a dense grid of signals. Not too shabby.

  14. Greg Raisman says:

    3.5 miles of Portland bike boulevards, Hawthorne Bridge crossing, then 4 blocks in the travel lane downtown with cars timed to 12 MPH with a dense grid of signals. Not too shabby.

  15. Greg Raisman says:

    3.5 miles of Portland bike boulevards, Hawthorne Bridge crossing, then 4 blocks in the travel lane downtown with cars timed to 12 MPH with a dense grid of signals. Not too shabby.

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  17. Another Noah says:

    My commute is 15 miles on the way to work and 17 on the way home as I take a slightly different route to avoid on particularly sketchy stretch of road during the afternoon “rush hour.” Very often – especially during late spring, summer and early fall, I’ll extend my commute – pushing it up to 40-60 miles – either on the way to work or the way home (very occassionally both ways).

  18. Ghost Rider says:

    4.25 miles one way — not a bad commute, even in foul weather. I extend it a bit when I have extra time…I do a little sightseeing sometimes, particularly on the way home. Also, I have some alternate routes to and from work — a quiet residential spin, a fast route on busy streets, a “rainy weather route” (lots of overpasses to hide under), etc. Every route is about the same length, give or take a few hundred yards.

  19. Jerome says:

    This past year it changed from 3 miles to 26 miles one way. While I did the 3 miles every single day by bike, even in the -30C that we get, I like the 26 miles better. I found with the 3 miles I also would extend it and take the long way home, just because you I didn’t feel like I wanted to put the bike down after 3 miles. It does take more prep for 26 and I even bought a completely different bike specifically for the 26 miles. I usually do the 26 miler 3 days a week. As soon as the snow flies, that will change. Good on you all for your commutes!

  20. Patrick says:

    I bike from downtown Austin about 5 miles through the UT Campus and the beautiful Hyde Park neighborhood. Cute biker chicks everywhere. Life is hard, I tell ya!

  21. mark says:

    My commute is 8 miles along the lakefront bike path in Chicago to the Bike Station downtown. Spectacular sunrises over Lake Michigan and only 1 stop light the whole way in.

  22. Mike says:

    I’m incredibly lucky. My daily commute is exactly 0.38 miles. I don’t even get wet when it’s raining 😉

  23. jason (sd) says:

    I see a recurring theme that I follow, sort of. My commute is 1.8 miles. I have gone as much as 25 miles. The extra miles are almost always in the morning. Rarely, do I put more than 2 extra miles on (grocery store) for the way home.
    How many people take the long way home or to work in there automobile?

  24. Justin says:

    25 miles each way. I total 200 per week commuting – 25 Monday, 50 Tuesday, 50 Wednesday, 50 Thursday, and 25 Friday. It is a nice mix of country back roads and canal path. Something different to see all year long! Another 2 weeks and it will be dark the entire time so plenty of light use.

  25. Matt says:

    I started commuting about 2 years ago and until last month, it was about 6.5 miles roundtrip, from Arlington VA to Tysons Corner. Just recently moved closer in to DC and the ride is now ~11 miles in the morning and ~12 coming home. (In the morning I use a more direct route, staying on roads for a bit until I hop onto the Custis/W&OD trails. Coming home I stay on the trail longer to avoid evening traffic and crazy drivers.

    I’m generally a 4-day-a-week bike commuter; usually once a week I will take the car and run errands that are closer to my office than my wife’s. A nice perk though, is that our recent move allowed us to sell one of our two cars!

  26. Bill says:

    11.5 miles one way through Greensboro, NC
    3,250 miles so far this year
    14,000 miles (today!) since 12/04
    Heat to up tp 101, cold down to 25, and soakin’ wet rain.
    Trek 520 – modified.

  27. SuperCommuter says:

    3 days a week I commute directly to and from work – 7.7 miles each way. 2 days a week I commute to work and then to school in the evening, which makes my total for the day about 18 miles. I ride the train home from school after class.

    I wish there was a long way home but I live/work smack dab in the middle of North Dallas. I want to get out of traffic (and harm’s way) ASAP. People here are crazy.

  28. SuperCommuter says:

    I do at least 50 miles recreational on the weekend.

  29. Stephen says:

    My commute into Boulder is about 9 miles each way by the most direct route — screaming down hill on the way to work, up a seeming cliff on the way back. In answer to the question about taking the long way home, therefore, I do — although every route home is pretty much all uphill, some are longer but less steep. Also, I tend to be in a rush in the morning, whereas I feel like a longer ride on the way home really helps me unwind.

  30. Larry in AK says:

    My commute is short; 20 minutes one way. Occaionally I will come across Moose on my route and just have to wait til they wamder off. When the snow falls and remains with tempertures getting to the teens, my ride increases two fold in time. This is when I have to break out the Pugsley; a wide in size, fat tired bike for soft conditions.

  31. Lisa says:

    My commute is 12 miles door to door in Tucson. I usually take the bus part way home, so another 2 miles home to and from bus stops (the trip home is always longer than the trip in).

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