Commuting in Rochester

First, a quick note of congratulations to Fritz. Cyclelicious has made the list of the top 100 lifestyle blogs (blogs tagged as lifestyle on Technorati). You can check out the list HERE as I harness my best Casey Kasem voice and say: “Coming in at number 48…”

Now, for your weekend reading enjoyment, another nice feature story — this one from the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle. The story leads off with Peter LaDolce, whose ride falls within the majority of the miles ridden by our readers, based on the poll in the previous post.

This spring, the city received a grant through the Genesee Transportation Council that will mean new bike lanes, signs and parking in Rochester.

The city is determining how best to use this “bicycle enhancement program” funding, which will amount to $200,000 in federal funds and a $50,000 city match.

Sounds like a good start (until I read that “construction could begin by 2012.”).

I have to take issue with the following statement:

The number of bike commuters older than 16 in the Rochester area, the Buffalo-Niagara Falls area and the national average are all less than 1 percent. In the Syracuse Metropolitan Area and New York City, the figures are a fraction of the minuscule national average. Cyclists make up more than 1 percent of commuters in only two U.S. cities – San Francisco and Sacramento.

Back in June there were a ton of sources quoting recent analysis by the U.S. Census Bureau that showed several large cities with more than 1 % of the commuters traveling on their bikes. The top ten cities:

1. Portland (3.5 percent)
2. Minneapolis (2.4 percent)
3. Seattle (2.3 percent)
4. Tucson, AZ (2.2 percent)
5. San Francisco (1.8 percent)
6. Sacramento, CA (1.8 percent)
7. Washington, D.C. (1.7 percent)
8. Oakland, CA (1.5 percent)
9. Honolulu (1.4 percent)
9. Denver (1.4 percent)

Happily, the article gets back to profiles of those who commute by bike. A nice read while you enjoy your favorite beverage this weekend, while contemplating the joys of the commutes to come this next week.

My favorite quote from the story:

“One dude actually said, ‘Get off the road, vegan,'” recalled Michael Neault, 26, a Rochester resident who bikes to and from his job as manager of the Dryden Theatre. “People associate cycling with some out-of-fashion granola-esque sensibility. But it’s not outdated, it’s progressive.”

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0 thoughts on “Commuting in Rochester”

  1. Fritz says:

    Speaking of Rochester bike commutes, don’t forget about about the best Rochester bicycle blog.

    Palo Alto bike mode share was 5% in 2000 — it’s higher today. The 2006 number for San Francisco is now more than 6%, according to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. The college towns of Davis, CA; Santa Cruz, CA; and Boulder, CO are around 6%.

    Note that none of the writers for CBB are vegans ;-). I like my beef rare to medium rare.

  2. Arleigh says:

    Hello wonderfuls,

    I recently went to a real job, and need to wear suits/nice clothing. My commute is about 13 miles, and I’ll be booking it.

    What do you recommend? Leave clothes at work for the week?

  3. Fritz says:

    13 miles is long enough where you need to wear bike-specific clothing.

    There are panniers designed for folding suits — I don’t know if that’s practical for you. Is driving once or twice a week an option for you? Do you have storage where you can hang clothing?

    I have a laundry service where I work. I hang pressed shirts and pants on a hook behind my office door.

  4. Mike Myers says:

    Arleigh—I have a long commute and have to wear scrubs. I bring scrubs in by car once a week, and ride the other 4.

  5. Jason says:

    Thanks for mentioning Rochester, folks! And thanks, Fritz, for mentioning Cycling and cycling advocacy is on the cusp of a renewal in Rochester, and it’s exciting to be part of it.


    Jason Crane
    “Nothing To Lose But Our Chains!”

  6. Arleigh says:

    I start the job tomorrow so I don’t know the facilities. I’ve always worked in a shop or some sort of laid back environment so it’s all a culture shock. Riding a bike to a bike shop isn’t a big deal because you are wearing jeans and your hair doesn’t need to be nice.

    Once I get a better lay of the land I’ll ask for more suggestions.


  7. Ghost Rider says:


    good luck on your new job — you’ll iron out the kinks (pun intended…having to wear nice clothes — get it?) in short order.

    That seems like a time-honored method — bringing a load of nice clothes in by car or pannier on the first day of the week and changing once you get to work. I hope and pray your new job will have decent changing/storage options for you. If not, press your bosses for such…after all, you’re reducing competition for parking spaces for all the cagers who work with you!

    Happy riding!

  8. Patrick says:

    I saw a girl this weekend at the Tour de Fat Parade in Austin that towed her Bob trailer everywhere. You can get a plastic tub with a lid and put your clothes in there. Couldn’t weigh more than 10 lbs! I was convinced. I want to get one! It’s so skinny that it fits through every where your pedals can fit through!

    Patrick in Austin.

  9. Fritz says:

    Let us know how it goes, Ars. Good luck with the new job.

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  11. I <3 Rochester! It's my favorite city. Cuomo – Duffy FTW! Bring it!!

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