Need a costume? You're most of the way there already…

Road Rash Costume

Perhaps you are struggling with what you’re going to do for the company costume contest. If only you could incorporate your regular commuting gear… Lifehacker has the answer, your normal bike wear makes up the majority of the costume. A little latex, gravel and other goo and you’re set to freak out your co-workers. Check out the Brutal Bike Wreck at Lifehacker — now, where did I put that bag of fish tank gravel?…

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0 thoughts on “Need a costume? You're most of the way there already…”

  1. Fritz says:

    Fat Cyclist wrote a costume article for at Bike Radar.

  2. Ghost Rider says:

    There’s an even easier way to incorporate your regular commuting gear for a great costume:

    “The Mormon Missionary” — simply don a short-sleeved white dress shirt and black or dark grey slacks, affix a black tie to the front, roll up one pant leg and keep your helmet on, and you’ll look just like your favorite door-to-door religious salesmen!

  3. david p. says:

    yes, the mormon missionary is a classic. however, as both a mormon and having served a mission, i must state that we are not “selling religion.”

    i know this about bikes… i love bikes, i love commuting by bike. i just wanted to state that we don’t sell religion, and i am very proud of the way i communicated with people. i wasn’t rude, abrasive, obnoxious or aggressive. i was agreeable and polite.


  4. Ghost Rider says:

    David P. — no offense meant. I’ve actually been very pleasantly surprised by the courteousness of the Mormon missionaries I’ve met, and they ride bikes to do their work — what’s better than that?

    In my neighborhood, though, there are MANY other flavors of what I refer to as “religious salesmen”…I lump them all together, and I suppose I shouldn’t. Thanks for the gentle correction!

  5. david p. says:

    ghost rider – i’m pleased that you’ve had good experiences with them. if one of those lads ever gets out of line… give them a good talkin’ to!

    funnily enough, i never rode while i was on my mission. i walked and rode the bus the entire time. they weren’t common where i served (northern england).

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