Month: November 2007

Weather Channel: Ride your bike in the winter

The Weather Channel featured this “Ride your bike in the winter” video recently in their Top Stories video section. Weather Channel reporter Jorma Duran visited a Chicago bike shop where they talked about how to keep cycling in the winter. Their tips? Fenders, layering, and lights. See also Chicago Bike Winter for more Chicago winter…

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Protect your wheels, seat and bars from theft

You may already have a U-Lock, but your bike also faces the danger of having it’s components stolen while it’s locked up. You can fiddle with moving the front wheel and taking the seat with you, but that can be time consuming and annoying. There is a product on the market that allows you to…

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Ideas Wanted For Holiday Gift Lists

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. I can’t tell you how relieved my family was when I took up commuting by bicycle. Finally, they had something they could use as a foundation for gift ideas for someone who had been a rather elusive person to buy a present for. So, last Christmas I…

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Commuting 101: Know the dangers of cycling at night

In a recent article at the question is raised: Night Cycling: Is it Safe? This time of year many commuters will find themselves commuting in the dark both to and from the office, so the questions is raised… are you in more danger? The article cites a study that is, unfortunately, almost 15 years…

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Google Top 10 in the Top 3

This week at Wandertec: 1. Started the final cap-off to the marketing campaign: My buddy Ben, my web-marketing guru, and I were discussing the success of the marketing campaign for We concluded that things were looking very good. The key components of the campaign are high results in Google Searches, a well constructed…

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More Black Friday Shopping – Salsa Casseroll

The Salsa Casseroll Frame and Fork combo is available for 49% off! For just $289 you’ll get this great commuter setup and all the sizes are currently available. Here’s the specs… The versatile Casseroll is a do-it-all frameset. It’s the perfect addition to your quiver, whether it’s your first and only bike, or your tenth….

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Black Friday Shopping

As everyone you know is getting up early to frantically shop for that perfect gift – sit back and relax as the boys at Twin Six have you covered! It is my duty as a friend and sponsored rider of Twin Six to announce their Black Friday One Day Sale. (Yes some people would call…

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Thankful cyclist

Note: Thanksgiving Day is a major U.S. holiday. Many of us have four day weekends where we eat too much, watch too much football, shop too much, and shoot a lot of woodland and prairie creatures. In the old days when I was a teenager — you know, the simple days when dinosaurs roamed etc,…

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Conspicuity for color blind drivers

Most of us have “normal” color vision. For those of us who like to dress for conspicuity or visibility, we judge the visibility of our clothing based on our vision. About seven to eight percent of the male population in Western nations, however, are color blind to some degree. Is your blaze orange hunting vest…

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Kryptonite Bike Racks Installed in Portland, Oregon

Kryptonite Blog: One thing that was always on the plan was to provide some great cycling cities with permanent bike racks. We wanted to give cyclists in these cities and towns more places to secure their bikes when they were off exploring the city – or just doing daily errands. It was a long process,…

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