$75 Bike Trailer Dreams

There is a growing selection of bike cargo trailers available to cyclists. However, bike cargo trailers are still a niche/specialty product. Because of this, their price is relatively high as compared to the majority of bicycles sold. A new bicycle trailer will cost between $200 and $400. For someone who is poor, on a budget, or just not interested in spending very much on bicycling equipment, $200+ is cost prohibitive.

Bike cargo trailers are a great enabling force for bicyclists. Many bicyclists discover that they hardly use a car anymore once they have discovered all the loads they can transport by bike trailer. For bicyclists with less money to spend, the advantage of being able to get oneself and all of one’s stuff around by bicycle is even more greatly appreciated.

In order for the bike cargo trailers to really get into the mainstream, the price will need to drop for basic, low-end trailers. This perhaps will eventually happen through the power of high-volume, low-cost manufacturing. One way for this to evolve is for bike cargo trailers to continue to grow in popularity at a steady rate.

It might also be possible for a manufacturer to jump start this process. Imagine a business model which focuses on bringing low-cost but good-quality bike trailers to market. I envision a very simple, 2-wheeled trailer designed for use with 20″ BMX wheels. The trailer would be sold without the wheels to keep costs down. 20″ BMX wheels are easy to find almost anywhere at very low cost. The trailer would use a basic flatbed design similar to the Wandertec BONGO bike cargo trailer design. The customer would bolt their own board, box or crate onto the frame to suit their cargo needs. With only the trailer frame, hitch arm and hitch, shipping costs would be kept at a minimum.

This business would likely start out with a direct sale model. As scales of production took effect, a distribution network would be established. With success, an economical bike trailer would become available costing less than $100. A much larger group of cyclists could afford to use their low-cost bicycles as low-cost utility vehicles.

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0 thoughts on “$75 Bike Trailer Dreams”

  1. fatbarncat says:


    Here’s you’re answer to your $75 ‘dream trailer’. The DIY kit prices out at $79 Canadian $ (ok, add $20 and they’ll include the precut rails)

    Amazing quality, Canadian made, quick cheap shipping.

  2. Miami Dolphins rule says:

    I checked out the Wike trailer and it is not $75.00 nor is it a DIY trailer as fatbarncat says it is. This thing cost is $400+

  3. kevbo says:


    Is DIY kit. Wheels, hitch, and connectors to make a trailer from 1×1″ steel or Al tube.

  4. a says:

    to be precise:

    The Wike DIY Cargo Kit contains:
    Two 16″ rims with precision bearings
    Two 16″ tires and tubes
    Towing bar to bicycle
    Four connectors for 1″ square tube
    Two axles with retaining pins
    One flexible trailer hitch
    One bicycle hitch
    Total carrying capacity of 75lbs
    Optional carrying capacity (with extra pair of connectors and double side tubes) of 150 lbs.

    The Wike DIY Cargo Kit DOES NOT include:
    Square tubing (1″ x 1″ steel or aluminum)
    Plywood base
    1/4″ bolts and lock nuts

    let’s say that quality of plastic connectors is not the best whish and that for a little higher price you’ve something better…really better! AND DURABLE:


  5. Kai jokela says:

    Here in Finland, Europe. I found a bike trailer for 99 euros at cheap car parts shop. It’s specs are max load 30 kilos, and max speed only 16 kilometers per hour. I’m going to buy one and ride with it at 30 km/h.

    here’s a picture:

  6. marzipan says:

    the people at http://www.re-cycle.org/trailer/ have a design for a DIY bike trailer. I haven’t costed it up but since the instructions are free, it probably depends on how much of the parts you can get from scrap/scrounging.

  7. Glen Aldridge says:

    Inexpensive trailers are available but you do have to make sure they will suit your requirements. This company sells several at reasonable prices & are available on Ebay. I am very happy with mine but I am only carrying around 25lbs.


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