Surly Big Dummy available in February

Almost a year and a half after the Big Dummy was announced by Surly at Interbike 2006, it will finally be made available to the masses in just over a month.

I’m pretty excited about this bike as I think it fits a very large need for the utilitarian cyclist. You can make arguments over the price ($800 for frame frame/fork) or just going with the xtracycle, but the truth is that this bike will be a perfect tool for a lot of people.

If you want to read a lot more info on the Surly Big Dummy, check out this link on their site. It’s everything you ever wanted to know and more about their new platform.

And here’s all our pasts posts where we’ve mentioned the Big Dummy.
Surly Big Dummy

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0 thoughts on “Surly Big Dummy available in February”

  1. Quinn says:

    After getting my trailor run over, ID never get a Utility bike! besides its only 26″, and the weight OMG, weight counts whn you have a 300 ft elevation climb to 1 store, and a 300t elev climb from another. Personally, I MIght consider a 29er(not 700c) Xtracycle kit.

  2. Ghost Rider says:

    Must…have…Big Dummy! Big Dummy is yummy!

    Quinn, 29″ IS 700c. I think I know what you mean, though — you want clearance for wider 29″ tires rather than those skinny rubber blades that appear on road bikes. Good call.

    I am really weighing my options with the Big Dummy…should I sell the car that I rarely use in order to finance the ultimate utilty bike? Thoughts about this are keeping me up at night!

  3. My money is down for a Big Dimmy. Now all I have to do is wait.

  4. And typing lessons. Big Dummy!

  5. Dylster says:

    Mine, too! Pre-ordered, and pwned! Yarp!

  6. Jerome Hathcock says:

    I’m in the process of building my wheels for my Big Dummy! Like what I see and feel like this will be a sweet ride for Tuscaloosa Alabama! Enjoy seeing how long I can leave my car at home. I know I’m doing something right when I pull up in my car and someone comments,I didn’t know you had a car! Shanti and hello from the south.

  7. coolgnomeman says:

    That Bike is totally feakin awesome!! I’m so stoked to have my order in. Now all I have to do is wrangle up all the components together as well as the wheel set. I’m going super strong 40 spoke, as well as Phil Wood bottom bracket. I’m going on a ride from Seattle, down the coast of Oregon cutting across to Ontario witch is near Boise. I’m also getting my new war pony powder coated because I really don’t like the USA military green. Well, heres to waitin for her arrival Big Dummy Bros!

  8. CaptCanuck says:

    One benefit of winter in Canada is I have spare time to pull together and prep all my parts for my Big Dummy 🙂

    Jones H-Bars, Hayes disk brakes with Goodrich lines, Manitou SuperNova fork, Mavic 321’s with DT Swiss hubs, Brooks saddle, Chris King Rasta headset, Thomson post and stem, LX splined cranks and Shimano XT drivetrain, Kenda Small Block 8 tires and a Kore chain tensioner. Just need the frame and the Xtracycle parts and I’m good to go!

    I am seriously pumped about putting this beast of burden together. I hope to log over 8000 kilometers on this bike as my daily driver this year.

  9. Tacticus says:

    I would love a big dummy but it seems that the import costs to australia will kill that idea 🙁
    1300 USD (converted) just for the frame

  10. CaptCanuck says:

    w00t! Frame & Forks have landed from Taiwan and are shipping to distributors now. Xtracycle parts arrived today – just finished putting the first coat of marine varnish on the snapdeck and footsies 😛

  11. Daniel says:

    I wonder how this bike would worl for cross country touring as opposed to a lighter bike with a BOB trailer.

  12. BiggerDummy says:


    It might depend on the kind of trip you want to do and how you build up the bike. I rode mine all summer last year as a daily commuter (40 miles round trip per day) with standard mountain bike wheels and it was fine, but by Thursday each week I was feeling the fatigue. I wasn’t hauling that much daily (laptop and a change of clothes) so the bike was kinda overkill.

    I have hauled bigger loads longer distances but would say if you want to exceed about 60 miles per day you might be better off with a trailer, which affords you some flexibility to drop the load to do some exploring.

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