Pre-order your Surly Big Dummy Now!

As I posted last week, the Surly Big Dummy is due to be available in mid-February. If Surly history repeats itself, this frame/fork will quickly sell out and be hard to find.

However, JensonUSA has just put the Big Dummy up for pre-order, so head over and make sure you get yours reserved before they’re gone!

Click Here to pre-order.

Surly Big Dummy

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0 thoughts on “Pre-order your Surly Big Dummy Now!”

  1. Paul in Minneapolis says:

    If I could afford one, I would order it now!
    Back in 06 when I built my Long Haul Trucker I had the hardest time finding one that fit me. It was only when I contacted Surly and told them I wanted one, they asked me which color and in a few days it was on it way.
    I have put over 6,000 miles on my LHT and it still looks and rides like new.
    It was after I built my Surly LHT that I heard of the extracycles. Even though my tourning bike was and is a great replacement for a car, I would like to have both. When the funds to become available, the big dummy is at the top of my list.

    For some, adding a stokemonkey (electric assit) will make it even easir to leave that ugly car to plant roots.

    Our children are going to pay for our car-culture.

  2. pedalmaniac says:


    I am just wondering, out loud, about the price. At $820 for the frame you still need to add the Xtracycle add-ons and of course a groupo, so at $899 the Kona Ute looks like quite a deal. Any comments?

  3. Mike Myers says:

    The Kona Ute is a deal, but the drawback there is that you don’t get to use the well-thought-out Xtracycle stuff. The Sideloaders are ingenious. I saw pics of a Ute with a conventional pannier and it looked pretty dumb. I appreciate do-it-yourselfers, but there is a lot to be said for a plug and play solution like Xtracycle offers. It will be expensive, but I’m sure lots of people will cannibalize an existing MTB for the Big Dummy. I would have one if I had room for it.

  4. Ghost Rider says:

    I’ll echo Mike’s gripe about the Ute…it’s ANOTHER “standard”, when such utility bikes are really just coming onto the scene here in America. The Xtracycle system has proven itself very quickly…so why reinvent something that will require a whole new set of standards, equipment specs and all that.

    The Ute is a cool idea…but damn, standard panniers look ridiculous on there! Even with a Ute with multiple panniers, the load-carrying system of the Xtracycle is so much better thought-out (platform on top, stabilizing frames below…sheer genius).

  5. kim says:

    I just got an LHT a few months ago and I’m totally smitten. I would LOVE to get a big dummy for serious around-town hauling, but I can’t afford it, and don’t really have a need for it yet. With my gigantic panniers (56 L on the pair) and handlebar and back rack, I have yet to bring home more from the grocery store than I need. When I get an apartment or buy a house, however, the big dummy will likely be a key element of my life.

    *Sigh*. Bikelust.

  6. Dylster says:

    Kim said: “*Sigh*. Bikelust.”

    Ain’t it grand?

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