Are you a weather nerd?

This post from Treadly about weather nerds got me to thinking. Treadly makes note of a handful of bike commuters who also seem to have an extreme interest in weather.

I have a handful of weather blogs in my blogroll, including meteorologist Jeff Masters’ excellent WunderBlog over at the Weather Underground. I was a big user and fan of the Weather Underground when it was just a menu driven telnet interface and (later) a gopher server at the University of Michigan run by PhD candidate Jeff Masters. While I don’t own an Internet connected weather station (mostly because all of my time and money is spent on bike stuff), I geek out over the ones I know about. I’m one of those guys who reads weather maps and tracks rainfall and sunny days for the year.

Bike commuters obviously need to be more aware of the weather than those who are constantly sheltered. I know a few readers of and contributors to CBB log the optimum riding clothing for their commute based on the weather conditions. I know others who watch the local weather radar during storms to find gaps through which they can ride their bikes to work or home relatively rain free.

How about you? Do you have a healthy interest in your local weather and climate? Can you name the types of clouds and recite the average highs and lows for each season in your location? Can you watch the western sky and accurately predict a coming storm?

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0 thoughts on “Are you a weather nerd?”

  1. Quinn says:

    By no means am I a weather need other than to say that I keep track of temp., along with sun, rain, snow etc. Other than that I have no need to be an Uber Nerd.

  2. danielo says:

    Yeah, I concur with Quinn. I certainly pay attention to the weather, and check it every morning (and most evenings) to know how to dress for the ride, but I can’t say I’ve ever even thought about watching “a handful of weather blogs.”

  3. JiMCi says:

    In the evening I do check the forecast for the next morning to get an idea of how early I should get up. Dressing up for foul weather takes longer 😉

    When we have thunderstorms in the afternoon, I’ll take a quick look at the radar images: I find racing home ahead of a downpour more fun than riding in it!

    Other than that, I’m no big fan of weather forecasts. I prefer to stick my nose out and watch for clues about what’s coming!

  4. Jim Carson says:

    I generally try to bike in anything except ice, but I take a peek at wunderground to help me determine what gear I should don. I track weather so I can do an end-of-year recap of riding conditions. (For example: )

    About four years ago, after seeing varying interpretations of snowy weather forecasts, I pitted various weather sources against each other. The most surprising results was how often the long range forecast for a particular day was revised incorrectly for that day.

  5. Joe Stillwell says:

    I’m a weather/bike geek and have my own station that posts data to Weather Underground. If you are in Olympia, WA check it out.
    It’s nice to look at the conditions on my work PC before I ride home.

  6. jason (sd) says:

    Semi nerd. I can’t tell you what the clouds are called. But I did buy a $400 weather station, because I don’t have cable or internet access at home. I am getting better at telling if it is going to rain.

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