Rain/snow Lesson

Yesterday evening I had an epic commute. Okay, maybe it wasn’t epic but is was definitely memorable.

When I left in the morning the local tv weather people were saying that there would be a chance of snow in the evening about commute time. Usually here in Seattle when the weather people say it is going to snow nothing happens. So I didn’t think too much of it when leaving for work, but I did pack my coat and rain pants just in case. The ride to work was just fine, no rain or anything just a nice morning ride.Snowy Commute #2

As I go to leave the office it is raining and a little colder than when I rode into work. About 1/4 of the way home it switches to freezing rain/snow mix, then just snow and back to plain old rain by the time I get home. I stopped half way home to take a couple pictures, to share with everyone.Snowy Commute

While I am off the bike I decide to wipe off the rain/snow mix that was sticking to me. Bad move. Now the palms of my gloves are soaking wet and my hands are freezing. I didn’t think about the transfer of moisture from the jacket to my gloves. I don’t have another pair of gloves with me so I have to suffer the rest of the way home. By the time I got home it took about 15 minutes for my hands to really warm up.

The moral of this story is don’t wipe the snow/water off your jacket or anything else with your gloves because they will just absorb the water and soar your previously dry palms.

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0 thoughts on “Rain/snow Lesson”

  1. JoelGuelph says:

    Did your bars ice over? That looks pretty nasty.

    You’re in Seattle, right? I’m surprised you don’t have gloves that can handle the cold rain. I’ve been using Race Face Aquanots (http://yoda.densan.ca/kmr/bikes/aquanot.jpg) for years. They get wet, but they keep my hands warm even when wet, kind of like a wet suit. I’m not sure they are made anymore, but they also worked good as spring skiing gloves. I’ve also seen full neoprene gloves, which probably do a similar thing.

  2. Yep, the bars iced over every where except where my hands were.

    Those gloves look great but I have a problem with my hands over heating and most days the rain is not so bad that I need a waterproof glove. I’m heading over to a couple shops this weekend and am going to look at gloves. If I find something I’ll let you know.

  3. McAngryPants says:

    I’m in PDX. Hit ice and went flat on my ass TWICE yesterday. ugh. Mongo’s skinny tires no likey ice.

    @ Chris…I have 4 sets of gloves, 1 for each season/temp range. cold fingers suck. so do cold toes. Other than fingers and toes, if I’m cold I just gotta ride harder.

  4. xSmurf says:

    McAngryPants: Try a pair of CX tyres for this kind of weather. I’ve been using Schwalbe CX Pro all winter and fell only twice, and both times it was really my fault (like not unclipping fast enough at a stop and using too much front break).

    And yes, cold fingers terribly suck.

  5. r. says:

    You can make your own studded tires out of old cyclocross or mountain tires. I think they have the diy article on http://icebike.org.

    I have to work in the weather regardless so I’ve found a balaclava and plastic latex gloves useful. I’ve found the best policy is to keep moving. It only gets icky in Memphis round February so I don’t have much authority when it comes to cold weather.

    I like the pictures. It makes me miss E. Tennessee.

  6. McAngryPants says:

    oh just great. I get home…after replacing my tires with a set of Armadillo’s ’cause I picked up a fawking HUGE piece of metal in the road…and now I read xSMURF’s suggestion above. ugh. timing is…

    admittedly, I’m still learning (<250 miles) my new commuter bike (GF Mendota) and perhaps I’m a little too hot on the front brake. ugh.

  7. Dave Lloyd says:

    While not cycling specific, the Duluth Trading Company Force Nine gloves I bought are pretty darn good in the rain (I got caught in a nice downpour once) and great in the cold and icy stuff. My hands have been warm down to about 9F and pretty comfy (though a bit sweaty) up to about 50F here in STL.

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