Soma Munch Box

Ok, maybe not as exciting as the new Mac in the previous post, but this little accessory has been pretty handy. This bag is called the Munch Box, and is made by Soma Fabrications. Designed as a feed bag, it’s designed to carry gels or energy bars. It can mount to either the stem and top tube or the seat post and top tube, and has a quick access mesh top that closes with Velcro.

Munch Box

While I think this would be a convenient place to store some snacks on long rides, I’ve been using it as a place to stash things I need on my commute that would be inconvenient to get to in my pack. Sometimes I don’t want things in my pockets, or if I’m wearing cycling clothes, I don’t have any pockets. These little items are perfect candidates for being stowed in the Munch Box.

My small camera, a Canon PowerShot SD100, fits great in this little bag. I like having my camera right where I can get to it easily if I see a cool picture. I’ve also found the Munch Box is handy for carrying keys.

Another cool thing about Soma Cycling Bags is that they’re made from from Hemp and Cotton instead of petroleum products like nylon and polyester. It’s also hard to argue with the hipness of the SF embroidery work. I found mine for around $10-$12 at my local bike shop.

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0 thoughts on “Soma Munch Box”

  1. That looks really nice and a great idea about stuffing things like a camera and keys in it. I wonder if there is a water proof version. I could use something like that here in Seattle.

  2. fixedgear says:

    I looks a little nicer than the ubiquitous Bento Box, but I’m still not all that crazy about this style bag – just MHO.

  3. Dan says:

    That would be quite useful for my camera and phone. I wish I could buy one in Indiana. The online store has a $39.99 minimum.

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