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I hope you all are having a good Martin Luther King, Jr Day. If you haven’t had a chance yet to see the video interview Tim posted before the weekend, take a couple of minutes and watch it. John Burke’s keynote yesterday at the Bicycle Leadership Conference in San Diego ties into this topic, as he discussed how increased advocacy by the bike industry can help the bike industry. This is proven in Portland, Oregon where, according to the article, the high level of bike advocacy has resulted in an entire industry of bike companies that are attracted to the area’s commitment to bikes as transportation. The state of Wisconsin — home to two of the largest bike companies in the United States as well as a number of smaller manufacturers, distributors and suppliers — employs about 3,400 people in the bike industry with an economic impact of well over $500 million, according to the Wisconsin Governor’s Bicycle Coordinating Council.

Many blog readers are already familiar with Bike Snob NYC. BSNYC is obviously a bike commuter and he frequently comments on the topic in his inimitable humorous style. Here’s some of his commentary:

  • Parking Lots, in which BSNYC comments on the proposed bike parking lot for midtown Manhattan.
  • Mindless Coffee Zombies who dart mindlessly into bike lanes.
  • New and noteworthy “notes to the people I encounter on my commute.”
  • The indignity of falling down in public.
  • Enjoy!

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    0 thoughts on “Bike commute humor and news”

    1. Ron says:

      I’m going to watch the link of Burke. Meanwhile, nice blog. I’m a first timer here, do check mine out. Yeah, bikesnob is inimitable. He really should get paid for the time he’s spending online.

    2. Ghost Rider says:

      Not to blow our own horn or anything, but a couple months ago we were lucky enough to have Bike Snob NYC grace us with his “commuter profile”…he’s tremendously funny and is really good at blending veloculture and wicked satire:

    3. Quinn says:

      Indignity of falling in public?? (haven’t seen the vid)

      I laugh at myself WAY before anyone points and laughs!

      just thinking of what could be in the video I laughing hard enough to interupt typing!

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