A turn signal for the bike commuter

Check out this video of th.  Safe Turn Bicycle Indicator light..  It’s a blinky light that attaches to your wrist with a strap and only turns on when you raise your hand to signal your turn..  Looks like a great safety device.  

[youtube 6HTchSP4MbA]

Found on the Dirt Rag Blog

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0 thoughts on “A turn signal for the bike commuter”

  1. Mike Myers says:

    Am I the only person who doesn’t signal correctly? By that I mean I use either hand, depending on which way I’m turning. Let’s face it—nobody knows what the proper arm signals mean, but every driver understands when you point with your left or right hand to indicate which way you’re turning. I guess I would have to buy two of these,

    It’s a good idea, but the LEDs need to be brighter. If Planet Bike made it with the .5 watt LED from the SuperFlash, it would be an ideal product.

  2. Quinn says:

    I have contonplated seatpost mounted signals Many times.

    as far as these, I came across these a while back. The flaw I see in these is that it certain times, I have a Vice grip on the bars (BAD traffic, large convoy etc.) and no matter if I have to turn or not, IM keeping that grip.

  3. Fritz says:

    I have a hard time tracking straight with the Strida with one hand so that discourages signaling. Any other bike I signal almost every turn.

    Mike, I use both hands like you — outstretched right arm for right turn, outstretched left for left, and left arm down palm open for slow/stop. Many people like to do palm open for turn signaling, but I’m in the habit of pointing to my turns. Palm open is probably better but it’s difficult to break habits sometimes.

  4. Quinn says:

    a question about the “stop” hand signal….

    to signal, the left hand is used, But with proper riding/stopping technique a rider hits their front (left-hand) brake First,
    how do you signal And brake?
    set up brakes Euro/moto?

  5. Fritz says:

    Sheldon Brown argues the front brake should be controlled by the right hand (moto style), and I agree.

    As far as signalling, I do it before I brake. On a fixed gear bike, of course, you can brake with no hands 🙂

  6. Quinn says:

    Thanks Fritz,

    I to agree with Sheldon, However I use 1x_ drive trains, switching would put main braking And shifting in the right and secondary braking in the left. (i hate dilemmas)

  7. BOB says:

    I think they stink

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