Lance Armstrong: "We have to promote bike commuting"

He really said that!

Born & Bred in Texas

Lance Armstrong will open “Mellow Johnny’s,” a bike shop west of downtown Austin, Texas this May. From Austin 360:

Armstrong said he’d like to see Austin evolve into a place like Portland, Ore., where biking is part of the culture and people pedal to work, to restaurants and to run errands. “Walk outside, and the streets are lined with bikes – because they have a safe place to ride,” Armstrong said of the city long known for its bicycle-friendly amenities and policies.

There’s much more about Armstrong’s plans for his bike shop in Austin at the Austin American Statesman. The downtown, the area immediately surrounding the University of Texas and the streets along the Colorado River are indeed nice to cycle in. North of Austin, though, I’ve also encountered hostile motorists who honk and yell (incomprehensibly) at me as I’ve cycled along the road. The area has a long ways to go to become “bicyclist friendly.”

See more discussion about this at Bike Portland, The Overhead Wire transit blog, and Bike Hugger,

Russ @ Bike Commuters wishes there was a shop like that in his city. Near my home in Santa Cruz, California (population 55,000) there are at least 10 bike shops, all of which cater to utility cyclists to at least some degree. I dropped in at Palo Alto Bicycles in Palo Alto near my work yesterday and I saw they now stock the Strida folding bike and Civia city bikes! Another local bike shop, Menlo Velo in Menlo Park stocks Dutch Batavus bikes as well as other fender and rack equipped bikes for utility use.

The photo is of a commuter bike show at the 2008 North American Handmade Bicycle Show. This commuter was built by True Fabrication Bicycles in Austin, Texas.

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0 thoughts on “Lance Armstrong: "We have to promote bike commuting"”

  1. Bike Jax says:

    This to me is one of the most exciting announcements for the future of bikes as transportation in the US. Lance has the profile and political clout to truly advance our cause nation wide.

    I didn’t think it would again happen since his retirement from The Tour. But once again I find myself spouting, “Viva Lance”.

  2. david p. says:

    let’s hope he’s more dedicated to bicycle commuting than he is to his family…


  3. Jimbo says:

    Like to see how many commutes he really does, and if does them without a car following him in case of a flat or thurst.


  4. Jett says:

    All I’ve got to say is, “Let’s do it!”

  5. bikesgonewild says:

    …i think there’s so much controversy around the PRO ranks & even though ol’ lance is retired, he was central to so much of it that most folks are just gonna take a wait & see attitude about the commitment he has towards the commuting issue…

    …as bike jax alludes to, lance DOES have a few influential ears he might bend…

  6. Levi says:

    He’s put a lot of work into the LAF and cancer research, so I’d expect this cause to get some good support too. However we do have a long way to go before bicycles are really part of the culture.

  7. Ringer says:

    I wonder if Lance’s support of bike commuting will have as much traction. Few Americans would question the importance of cancer research, and the fact that Lance talks about it makes it all that much more significant. For his comments about bike commuting to take root, though, I think he’d really have to push it–much harder, say, than he’s pushed cancer research. That said, if there’s anyone iconic enough to start a successful, widespread let’s-start-bike-commuting campaign, Lance would be the sure bet. I sincerely hope it happens.

  8. chris says:

    yeah great thing …get the commute idea to take off please. I think comebacks r cool.

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