Share: What was your best commute?

Seems like we’ve been moaning about the crappy conditions for commuters and constantly talking about all the new bling entering the commuter bike market. That’s all well and good and fun to discuss, but when it comes down to it… we love to ride and look forward to our daily two wheeled commute. So tell us about yours…

What was your best commute so far this year and why?

I’ll start…

A few weeks ago I got laid up with a pretty bad cold that took me several days to shake. Usually I hop on the bike to early and make it worse and with the lower temperatures I decided to make sure I was completely well before commuting by bike again.

So after several days off the bike, I got up, went to the basement and grabbed my bike for a ride in. It was a beautiful crisp morning with the sun shining brightly as it was rising for the day. The air was chilly when I first started off but I quickly warmed on my the first climb.

The whole ride in I felt as if I was riding with the metal, gas and asphalt environment instead of fighting for my place in it. Nobody honked or acted aggressively towards me the whole ride in. The traffic lights seemed to work in my favor. I even got a few happy waves from drivers.

When I arrived at my office I locked the bike, poured myself a cup of coffee, sat down at my desk and enjoyed the warmth as I watched the sun finish it’s ascent.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

Leave yours in the comments.

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0 thoughts on “Share: What was your best commute?”

  1. Badger says:

    I think the best commute in recent memory was one last summer when an impending storm left me with a strong tailwind on the way to work and then later that afternoon when the front had passed…a delicious tailwind on the way BACK home! It’s usually the that the god of winds will make a headwind on both trips but things just worked out great that warm summer day.

  2. Craig says:

    Tough call. But the one that jumps to mind is two days ago, I left my office at 5:15pm and for the first time in months, rode home with no lights. Unbelievable pink and orange sunset right in front of me for the last mile. Cold. But no lights. Here in New England the winter gets long and a daylight ride in the evening seems to have been a long time coming.

  3. Adam says:

    Hard to say, exactly, but my commute takes me across the Brooklyn Bridge, which in my estimation makes me a very lucky person. The best commutes, oddly, are probably the mid-summer days when I have to work really late. The bridge is empty of pedestrians after a certain hour, and the temperature drops to just the right level.

  4. Jen (SLC) says:

    I keep dreaming about the whole month of October. The weather was perfect. The air was good. There were so many cyclists out. There wasn’t a day when I didn’t stop at a light with at least two or three other cyclists.

    My winter cycling hasn’t been so good. The weather was horrible for all of January. The only days when I could have ridden I was sick. And then once the weather gets decent (clear and above freezing), the air here in Salt Lake turns into a nice thick coat of smog. Riding this month has made me wonder if I wouldn’t be better off just smoking a pack of cigarettes instead of being outside.

  5. Noah says:

    I’d say the first day of Bike To Work Week here in KC last year.

    I’d been commuting for about 7 months. I just recently had bought my new road bike (which I sold a car to buy), and I encountered my first fellow long-distance bike commuter on the road — someone who goes about the same way and route as I do.

    I think that was the turning point for me. Knowing that not only could I do it, but how much fun it was. I lived too far from work to do it every day, but I ended up moving about 9 miles closer to work and that made it a daily adventure. I’d say Bike To Work Week 2007 is when I decided to never look back.

  6. Noah says:

    I forgot to mention that prior to this, I was a strict bike/bus commuter. I’m actually back into the bike/bus routine over the winter months, but chomping at the bit to ditch the bus as soon as things get nicer again.

  7. Jamie says:

    My first day of my new commute down High Street in Columbus, instead of my old commute across Ackerman Road/Dodridge Road. A just over two-mile trip to work, mostly on a gradual downhill, and of course gradual uphill on the way home. The traffic was a little more congested as High Street is a main thoroughfare through town, but the gradual uphill of about a mile was just enough to get my heart pumping a bit without destroying my legs. It was a cold but beautiful day and I got to enjoy it a bit more with a slightly longer commute.

  8. burnsey says:

    I work second shift, so therefore I ride home at night. My regular commute (7 miles) involves a few miles on a large private estate, and at night the stars are beautiful, as there are not any streetlights. Last night, I was out of work earlier than usual and witnessed the most beautiful full eclipse of the moon, not a cloud in the sky. I felt like I was riding on a different planet with that orange moon up above my head. There was no traffic at all, which only made it that much better.

  9. Jennifer says:

    It’s not the most exciting story. I positioned myself behind a semi truck stopped at a busy intersection such that I could see the driver in his rearview mirror. He waved me forward, rolled down the window, and thanked me for stopping at the red light and staying out of his blind spot. I felt good knowing that I’d made a good impression on somebody.

  10. Quinn says:

    Any day that I don’t get hit! The best one in recent memory was a few days after the biggest storm of this winter, I was on my 29er, getting through the snow packed streets about 7 miles in (out of 8) I realized that I wasn’t cold or tired, and I was smiling, the next days commute I set a (time) record for my commute on my road (normal commute) bike.

  11. Fritz says:

    Almost every day is a wonderful commute day for me, though I had a miserable one on Tuesday when I neglected to check the forecast and got caught in chillly rain without any rain gear. Brrr!

  12. Bigby says:

    I have just a four mile commute to work and back and it is pleasant, if cold, most daysthis time of year. Last Tuesday, however, we a glorious winter day here in Tulsa. 65 degrees when I left the office so I stowed the winter gear and headed for home in shorts and a t-shirt. I turned off the street and onto the bike path and was met with a big smile from a beautiful young woman out running in sping attire. I was already two miles past the house when I realized I had missed it and just kept going until all the light was gone and it started to get cold. My 28 mile Tuesday commute was definately the best so far this year.

  13. Mike says:

    Two years ago, a friend and I started our team for Bike to Work in Omaha, ours is from Offutt AFB. Last year twice, the whole team gathered together for a mass ride into work, with Bellevue NE police blocking 1 lane, about 50 people each time. It was fantastic to see that many bikes riding into base. We’ve been working with Offutt on trying to implement cycling lanes on base and out the entrances. For me, my commute is 4 miles each way.

  14. Lance says:

    Every day that I see gas prices go up. thats the best day of commuting

  15. Svenny says:

    I sold off my YZF600R supersport motorbike and bought a Devinci performance hybrid bicycle back in September. Every day since then has been a great commute. But I bought a set of studded tires and was itching for some ice to form on the roads. Got my wish this winter with some freezing rain that left all the cars slipping and sliding on the icy road and me cycling past with a grin under my balaclava.

    I’d have to say the most memorable evening was: coming from work on a crisp night, riding in about 2 inches of fresh fluffy snow and being able to smell the dinners that everbody was cooking at the homes along the route to mine.

    “take the path less travelled”

  16. Jett says:

    I’ll quote Thoreau: “To affect the quality of the commute, that is the highest of the arts.”

    There are lots of things I do to improve the commute and when they all come together, I’m that much closer to heaven:
    – Share the commute by inviting others to join me
    – Take a different route along streets that I’m not familiar with
    – Take the route where the trees are blooming (won’t be long)
    – Meet for breakfast with other cyclists
    – Allow the pace to fit my mood and energy level
    – Greet pedestrians, and motorists alike, but save the particularly warm greeting for other cyclists.

    Of course, the perfect temperature and a tailwind both inbound and outbound are sweet too.

  17. fixedgear says:

    Does this count? I was having windows installed at my house and they ran into a little problem. They called me at work. I told my boss I’d be right back. I live 2 miles from work. I hopped on my bike and headed for home. I looked down and saw something green. It was a twenty. And another. And another. I jumped off my bike and scooped up $400. Best ride home ever.

    One my was home from work, differenet place of work, different route, different home, I found five twenties in an envelope.

  18. Matt S. says:

    My best day hasn’t come yet.

    My wife and I work at the same place although she usually leaves an hour before I do. Sometimes when we leave at the same time, I’ll race her car home. It’s 2.5 miles though a residential neighborhood. She has to park a block away, so I get a bit of a head start.

    Twice, I’ve ALMOST beaten her. On Monday, as I pulled up to our street, I saw her getting out of her car.

    On the day I beat her home (and it will come!), that will be my best commute ever.

    A funny commute: I take a shortcut using a pedestrian bridge over a creek. As I came up to it, a woman had her dog on the bridge, and he was looking over the bridge into the water. I was going uphill gently pulled to a stop, but coming down the hill were two guys on skateboards. One of them jumped off the board, couldn’t stop his momentum, running down the hill and tumbled comically head over heels. It would have been funnier if he had landed in the water, but it was still hilarious. He wasn’t hurt, and we all had a good laugh.

  19. john t says:

    For me, the best commute is every commute made by bike. I don’t care if the weather is good or not, I am prepared for it. I actually look forward to working, since I get to go there by bike. JT

  20. Matt S. says:

    Oh, and this wasn’t really a commute, but on a Saturday, I rode my bike to the library for early voting. There was an alleycat going on, it was raining, and I was surrounded by drunk punks on fixies. It was fun to have all the craziness around me during the ride. One guy was really huffing and puffing to pass me, and when he did, I asked “is there a race going on?” The crestfallen look on his face was funny when he realized he worked so hard to pass some random guy.

  21. Choke says:

    I like the days when it’s raining lightly. Other than that, I love passing roadies with my Karate Monkey.

  22. scarecrow says:

    Last month we had a break in the weather that prompted me to ride my single speed road bike (with new cup holder!) instead of my usual mountain bike commuter. I had just added a rear rack to the road bike (in addition to the cup holder) and wanted to test the rack for hauling laptop etc.
    It was a beautiful 40 degree morning (warm for January in New England) and I had to stop for coffee in order to test the cup holder.
    As I stood outside the coffee shop in the morning sun, admiring the nice job I had done installing an old rack on my old lugged road bike, several car commuters leaving the shop stared at me enjoying my coffee with looks that can only be described as deep envy.

  23. Warren T says:

    The temperatures that had been stuck in the teens had gone. I awoke to sunshine and 6°. I left my cold weather gear in the corner, put on some shorts and a tee shirt and started on my ride to work.

    As I moved from the road to the bike path I was joined by not only Michelle Pfeiffer (I swear sometimes that she is stalking me) but Rebecca De Mornay as well. We rode along chatting as song birds, so long absent, belted out their songs of spring.

    When I began to turn towards my office, Michelle and Rebecca urged me to continue on with them as they were headed to Starbuck’s and lattes with Catherine Zeta-Jones. Reluctantly I declined as my desk and duties beckoned.

    And then I woke up.

  24. James says:

    I swear Michelle Pfeiffer is stalking me too… anyway….

    My best commute is a mid fall day a few years ago. I lived 11 miles from work and it usually took about 40 minutes to get to work. The stars were aligned, a mild wind at my back and the lights timed perfectly – I never had to pause or stop in 11 miles of city riding. 28 minutes door to door.

  25. PushingWind says:

    Back on February 15, I saw something really cool on the ride to the train in Littleton Colorado. West of the train is the Platte River and west of that is a nature preserve with a few minor lakes. The lakes are frozen over except for a few spots of open water around the edges where the ducks and geese sleep for the night. While riding along the edge of the preserve, I see 5 foxes walking across the frozen lake. Slowed down to watch them walk west, but then they stopped and watched me after I made a whooping noise. Cool. They were about 200-300 feet away, good size and deep red color. I did notice further on that there were NO ducks/geese in the open water areas. Go figure!

  26. michael says:

    I used to live in a little town on the outskirts of Rome (yes, that Rome). I used to cycle in to my job in the city every day on my mountain bike, about 15 miles each way, on a road called the Appia Antica. This is an ancient Roman road that still has some original tufa paving stones with still-visible grooves from Roman carts. The whole area has been made into a beautiful park which has gorgeous views of the surrounding countryside. No cars. Going through the park, I would pass a number of famous ancient monuments, including the Cecilia Metella monument, and I would then go into the city, where I would cycle past (every day on my bike!) the Coliseum, the Forum, and the Trevi Fountain. Roman drivers were a bit of a challenge, but they do respect cyclists. Anyway, every day of this commute, rain or shine, was a glorious day for me. I never failed to arrive at work feeling like I was a lucky fellow. I remember one early morning in particular on which for some reason I passed a couple of men walking about 75 beagle dogs on the Appia. I think they were involved in fox hunting. Very picturesque. That was something. Now I live and commute in Baltimore. It is not quite the same… I do get to see rats in my back alley on a daily basis, however.

  27. Antoine says:

    I can’t beat that last Rome commute but my favourite ones are coming home from work late at night with a full moon. I don’t finish till 10pm so I’m always riding home in the dark, and it’s a good opportunity to take a downhill shortcut through the local golf course when the greenkeepers are tucked up in bed. There’s nothing better than chasing rabbits down the 7th fairway under a full moon. It’s like a cross between Watership Down and a rodeo.

  28. Tim Grahl says:

    Good grief Michael… I don’t think anyone could beat that commute…

  29. Jeremy says:

    Today. I rode my bike in to work today for the first time, and it was stellar. Took my time figuring out the best route, and had a blast. My helmet is here at my desk with my bag, and every few minutes someone notices it and asks me about it. I’m not sleepy like I usually am in the morning, and I’m so buzzed I’m actually doing work! (although really I’m just counting down the minutes until I get to ride home)

    I get the feeling though, that tomorrow will be my best ride as well.

  30. Noah says:

    Congrats on your first bike commute, Jeremy!

    This time of year, I’m stuck doing part of my commute on a bus and it always makes me groggy. My usual bike-only commute is better than any amount of coffee. Forcing your heart and body to kick into gear before work really does a great job setting the stage for the rest of your day. You’ll also probably notice that your metabolism will stabilize and you’ll get a better night’s sleep, too. It might take a few weeks to start seeing the results, but believe me, you’ll be hooked if you stay with it for just a few days.

  31. Jett says:

    Jeremy, glad to hear you’re enjoying your bike commute. The sight of your helmet might have a few more people enjoying their commute as well.

    Noah, it sounds like Jeremy may be hooked already.

  32. Noah says:

    We’ll see what he thinks in the morning when he wakes up. For me, the first day was indeed the most fun I’d had in ages, and it was my favorite commute ever for a long time.

    The second day was difficult. Muscles hurt that I didn’t know I had. The following days, I got introduced to my new friends: The saddle sore (from wearing tighty whities and jeans), the numb fingers (from a poorly adjusted bike), foot arch suffering (from flimsy tennis shoes and poor pedaling form) and several other wonderful things that just took some getting used to and some adjustments to my bike, my gear, and my own bad habits.

    That’s why I said a couple of weeks.

  33. Ross says:

    I don’t think the Roman bike commute can be beat, and definitely should win both the overall and international division. I think i can compete in the strictly US category, though. I used to work in Washington DC and my commute was from near the Courthouse Metro station in Arlington, VA to the US Capitol. Basically, i would go down a hill, past the Marine Corps Iwo Jima Memorial, around Arlington Cemetary, across Memorial Bridge and then down the length of the National Mall (around the Lincoln Monument, by the WWI memorial, between the White House and Washington Monument, past the many Smithsonian museums. . .). It was like riding through 20 postcards every day.

    Now I live in Phoenix and ride home through some questionable neighborhoods. Still beats being in a car, though.

  34. Quinn says:

    Rosses D.C. commute reminds me of when I lived in Winchester, VA as a teen. Almost Any riding I did I went past a historical land mark, from the New Market Battle Field, to the field of the first and second battle of Winchester To (George) Washingtons Headquarters.

  35. It has been a trying week for me. Injuries, family issues, trouble at work… Reading this blog has helped remind me just how fun it is to cyclecommute…Thank you

    October is the best around here. A big chunk of my 13 mile, bi-state commute is on tree lined bike paths. I leave in the dark and return the same, but with just enough twilight to enjoy the leaves and rising moon (full harvest this week). It is usually about this time drivers stop seeing me as a guy on a toy, in their way and more as a fellow commuter.

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