Update: Gary Fisher Simple City (more colors)

If you haven’t already, read our first post that includes all the specs and more pictures of the Gary Fisher Simple City.

Many of you were bummed out that Gary Fisher changed up the color from the original Simple City prototype shown at Trek World. Well a couple more pictures have come my way and the beloved cream color is going to be a reality after all. Here it is in the men’s 8-speed version (click to make it bigger):

Gary Fisher Simple City Commuter Bike

And the women’s 3-speed has this very nice pastel blue.

Gary Fisher Simple City Commuter Bike

These colors are much better than the black and white displayed in the last post. I’m really diggin’ that blue.

Also, there were complaints that Gary Fisher made huge changes to the bike since Trek World. Here’s an image that shows the prototype from Trek World (taken by Arleigh) and the production side-by-side (click to make it bigger).

Gary Fisher Simple City Commuter Bike

I’m not seeing a whole lot of difference there. I think they stuck pretty close to what made the original prototype so popular.

What do you think now that you’ve seen the whole run of colors?

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0 thoughts on “Update: Gary Fisher Simple City (more colors)”

  1. That blue knocks my socks off.

  2. Boris says:

    Needs longer front fender.

    What happened to body-color fenders?

  3. Ghost Rider says:

    Huh. How ’bout that. Hmmm…you know what? There AREN’T really any differences between the prototype and the production model! Maybe it was the fog of distance and time between spy photos and actual production machines or something? Or the fact that the prototype was widely covered by bloggers and cycling press, but there were never any real specifics offered, so folks made their own guesses as to frame materials, components, etc.?

    The prototype basket is cooler looking. Cutouts are way swankier than mesh. Other than that, I don’t see differences. Anyone else?

    I do like that blue color — put it on a men’s model! I’m with Boris, too — if they took the time to color-match the mudflaps and fender stay attachments to the frame color, they could have painted the body of the fender, too.

  4. bikesgonewild says:

    …i’m glad to see the off-white or beige being used & i know it’s subjective but i kinda like the white fenders, in that they nicely set off the white graphics & striping…& again, i like the simplicity of the mesh…

    …the blue isn’t my color but i could see it outselling the off-white (do we know what they call that color ?)…

    …i do agree that the front fender in particular should extend further down…

    …don’t know if it was gary himself or the trek marketers but nice to see the full “appliance white” gone…

  5. Mike Myers says:

    Much better. Almost perfect. But why not color match the entire fender?

  6. fixedgear says:

    I wonder what Matt Grimm from Kogswell bikes thinks of that kooky kustard kolor.

  7. Dwainedibbly says:

    “Is that a Bianchi?”

    Seriously, though, I do like the new colors.

  8. Mike Myers says:

    Guess I have to get down to my local Fisher dealer….

  9. Justin says:

    Kogswell is pissssed. I like the bike. Looks fantastic

  10. seth vidal says:

    Do they really call them men’s and women’s versions? I’ve gotten tired of that old saw about bikes being for men or for women b/c of the style of the frame.

    One is a diamond frame, the other is a step-through frame. Why do we need the gender-specifics too them.

    My significant other has a breezer step-through frame that I ride quite frequently. I don’t feel like it is any less masculine or fits me any less. I just don’t have to swing my leg over it.

    Seriously, can we get vendors to stop adding a gender bias to their frame styles? It pretty ridiculous these days.

  11. SCRider says:

    Is the blue step through not fully put together? It doesn’t look like it has a rear break lever, or does it use some sort of combo coaster break in the rear and cantilevers in the front? Also, there is no spring on the tan one featured with the basket, that seemed like a critical part of the bike 😉

    They are sweet and I think my wife is going to get the 8 speed step through to replace her beach cruiser

  12. Peter Wang says:

    Can someone clue me in to what it’s like to ride with a front basket set-up like that? I currently ride with a rear rack and a rack trunk, both of which are sitting in the slipstream that my body creates as it pushes air molecules apart.

    Why would I want to put the load up-front and relatively high like that?

    I can see that unloading the rear wheel somewhat might make it last longer. But I thread through some bad streets with bad potholes; does the front load block your view of the street and make it harder to avoid potholes and small debris? Does the front load adversely affect handling? Does it add aerodynamic drag? (I have a long commute, and speed matters to me).

  13. dan says:

    I saw the proto and talked to my rep about it. It was one of three bikes at the show that I really thought stood out. They had a couple others that were Euro-only, which was a bummer. Anyway, the proto was steel and is very similar to to the production model. Yes, the fenders are too short and don’t match. So, if you set one next to a Kogswell, which one would you buy? Then again, how many shops would have both? At least they are trying…kinda.

  14. Logan says:

    I digress: pretty similar. Indeed it must have been the fog of time. My bad.

  15. Arleigh says:

    Did anyone else check out the kickstand?

  16. Mike Myers says:

    Not so fast—-I got this email from Fisher customer service rep Marv today—

    It seems that the color change was value and function driven-they were not looking to design a piece of art-they were looking for something a little more Euro and utilitarian that looked the part as well. While the colors will not be changed for this year, the product designers and managers have taken notice of the response the color change has initiated in the public and may make some changes for the following years” but I can’t guarantee it.

    Marv Richter | Trek/ Fisher/ Klein Bicycle Corporation | Tech Support | (nine two zero) four seven eight – four six seven eight extension.one two one two three

    So does Marv know something we don’t, or is he out of the loop?

  17. Ghost Rider says:

    Arleigh, is that a “two-legger” kickstand? I didn’t notice it in the picture the first time around. Very cool, especially while you’re loading up a utility bike!

    Mike, so does that mean this cream color is just smoke and mirrors, or did the rep miss one of the memos?

  18. fixedgear says:

    We had that two-legged kickstand on our Burley Samba tandem, where it came in very, very handy. When we sold the bike I kept it. It’s no good for our fancy-pants tandem, but it’s prefect for my 26″ wheel fixie Spalding Sears commuter special.

  19. Mike Myers says:

    GR—I just sent another email to Marv at GF. I’ll keep you updated with what he says. I certainly HOPE the cream color is a reality.

    As for Kogswell vs the SC—in a perfect world where money was no object, I’d have a P/R. But even a cheapo build would end up being more expensive than the Fisher, and the Fisher is already more than I like to spend on a bike I’ll use to get groceries and bum around town….

  20. me says:

    The basket is ugly – way too ornate, plus I hope one could actually make it level – it appears to have a serious tilt to it in the production shot. The colors are OK, the blue is honestly too tacky – no real elegance. A fork crown would have been nice – and the gusset at the head/top tube is ugly.
    All that said, good on Fisher for bringing a bike like this to market. Fisher should have looked at the Raleigh 2008 One-Way for inspiration – not a perfect bike but pretty darn great for an inexpensive production bike.

  21. me says:

    Forgot to mention – I like the chainguard a lot! Might have to try and order a few through a Fisher dealer.

  22. rick says:

    I quite like the basket, it’s angle parallels the line of the top tube. Gives it an integrated look to my eye.

  23. Mike Myers says:

    And here’s the email I got from Marv today

    “Cream is a reality for the SC; it should be on the website ASAP. It was your email that I forwarded to the “powers that be” that initiated the call to CBB-see, you really do matter to us.

    Marv Richter | Trek/ Fisher/ Klein Bicycle Corporation | Tech Support | (nine two zero) four seven eight – four six seven eight extension.one two one two three

    So what do you think about that? That’s awesome customer service. I ask for a color and it happens. Pretty cool.

  24. Ghost Rider says:

    Well, shoot, Mike — if you’ve got that much pull, see if you can get them to knock a couple hundred bucks off the price for the readers here!!! Ha ha , just kidding!

  25. bikesgonewild says:

    …very cool, mr meyers…good input is just that, good input…

    …”knock a couple hundred bucks off, for the people here” ???? i say everyone on this CBB site who showed a real interest in the cream/off-white gets a new ‘simple city’ as a “test” model…

    …such prescience should be rewarded, no ???…

    …anyway, back to reality…i really hope to hear how that cream color sells over the course of the next year & what kind of feedback is picked up…that has a nice ‘old timey’ (’40’s or ’50’s) english tone to it, from the photos…good work fisher/trek folks…

  26. Mike Myers says:

    I hope I’ll be able to get one. I would like to see a geometry chart before I go about pre-ordering.

  27. Mike Myers says:

    You know what would look great on the cream SC8?

    Leathered toe clips from Velo Orange. MKS half clips, to be precise:


  28. Los says:

    Even the saga of indecision over the color is reminiscent of the development of the Kogswell P/R. To say nothing about the cream color itself. If Trek is going to copy so shamelessly, why couldn’t the copy the important part: more fork rake? It’s very important for high-mounted front loads (as opposed to low rider panniers).

  29. Mike Myers says:

    Los—I don’t think this is comparable to the P/R. If Fisher wanted to make a porteur, he knows enough about geometry to do so. No, I think this is an errand bike. This is a bike you can pick up a couple of bags of groceries with.

  30. Hank says:

    Did anyone notice that the step-through has no water bottle mounts? Two sets are clear on the cream colored version, but none on the blue/green.

  31. jt says:

    just checked out the bike on GF site. I think it is great. would love to test it, and if i was shopping for an urban bike right now this would be right at the top of the list I think. I think the design looks great, especially this color scheme. expensive, yes for alot of people, but it looks like it is worth what they are asking. why no racks on this model though? they definetely should have them come standard. here is a link


  32. hank says:

    Thanks for the link. A couple of surprises, the beautiful aqua is NOT available in the 8-speed which is plain white . Also, steel handlebar and stem on a $800 bike? And there really is no mounting provisions for a water bottle on the step through. Pretty weak for an expensive urban ride…

  33. Dan says:


    The prototype was in fact aluminum, not steel. The only differences between protype and production are the basket and the color of the fender for the taupe/cream colored SC8.

    The basket would have been too expensive to actually produce for this bicycle.

    Matching baskets will be sold aftermarket for the black and aqua color SC3 bicycles.


    The Aqua bike is completely put together. The SC3 uses a front caliper hand brake, and uses a 3spd coaster brake hub for the rear.

    Beautiful bikes aren’t they?

    I would expect more of these types of concepts from Gary Fisher in the future. Continue to express your comments and suggestions!



  34. james says:

    anyone notice that the smallest frame size is an 18.5? does that seem a little big for a lot of people. my bro rides a 16.5 mtn bike, and he’s not that small of a guy. i’m 6ft with a 30in inseem and i ride a 17.5/18. are these measurements way different or are these bikes just going to run huge?

  35. christomapher says:


    unless you use a mountain bike on really technical mountains (using your body as a suspension), that 17.5-18″ frame size is too small for you. you should be on a ~20″ size. for a simple city, you shouldn’t have a problem with the 18.5″ but you’ll be less cramped on a 21″.

  36. KEColorado says:

    hi folks, i have been waiting for my step through SC8 to arrive, and at last, I am to pick it up in 2 hours. thanks for all of your comments and posts – it helped me decide which bike to choose for grocery runs and pulling my 2 year old in his Chariot. post back and let me know if you want to know what i think of it.

  37. Twitterbee says:

    I just got the blue step-through frame and love it, love it, love it! I think the price is fair, seeing that the only other bike that I liked in my month long quest was a German bike for over $2000. I am getting the basket after market, the shop didn’t have them yet. When the double kick stand is down, I think the basket will be level because the back wheel is off the ground. The only thing that was weird for me was the combo hand brake and back coaster brake. I’m in the habit of being able to back-peddel to get my right foot up to push off when I start. Other than that, I’m smitten. My bike gets lots of double takes and compliments. Bonus, it looks great sitting in my apartment with my 40s decore.

  38. Mike says:

    Just got my SC -8 mens 18.5
    Love it!!!!!
    Was nervous buying site unseen but I figured no risk, no reward! I didn’t like the breezer’s ride(being a rodie the small wheels made the bike seem small and clunkie.) I liked Jamis’s commuter bikes but they lacked a lot of features that the fisher had. The guys at the bike shop were floored as this is the first one they’d put together. They were amazed at the small details that differentiated this bike from the other commuters. I’m outfitteing with a rack and some shopping panniers and even ordered a pet trailer as I take my dog to work every day.
    This bike rocks~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Bill says:

    Sweeeeeet!!! Just got a black SC-3 and threw a cream color basket on it. The thing looks like a ramming rod but love it. Really smooth and light. Pumped up the tires to about 85lbs and the thing really flys. Love the contrasting colors of black and cream. It’s a head turner. Only let down is mesh basket is pure white and clashes with the cream. Going to try to spray paint it flat black to match the frame. Nice job on the scribt Gray Fishier logo too…

  40. Erik says:

    I really like te cream SC8 with basket. I read on the Gary Fisher website that this bike was inspired by the classic Dutch city bike. Unfortunately it is nog for sale in Holland. Does anyone has ideas how I can get this bike in Holland?

  41. Kelsey says:

    I actually ordered that gorgeous blue 3-speed and was incredibly disappointed when I received a very green-turquoise blue bike with cream fenders. It honestly looks nothing like the beautiful image you see here– there is even painting in different places (ie: the blue on the fenders is totally cream). I’m very confused about this false advertising- why not actually sell the beautiful bike in the picture??

  42. Scott says:

    Got a used but like new one (an SC3) and like it a lot. Want to buy somebody’s SC8 front basket for cheap if possible if they’ve tossed it aside. Will monitor this string.

  43. Michael says:

    Scott, if you get hold of a second front basket, please let me know, i am looking for one too.



  44. Stephanie says:

    There is a seafoam green basket on Ebay right now. I don’t think it will work on my Low step. Dang it.

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