Change your view

The St. Louis Regional Bike Federation created a series “Change Your View” public service announcements to promote cycling as transportation.

These 30 second spots emphasize the positive aspects of cycling and commuting by bike — you can interact with people, feel the seasons, smell the smells, see the sights. They intentionally avoided a “Share the Road” message, which they felt has a negative connotation implying that cyclists are secondary users of the road. It’s an interesting viewpoint.

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0 thoughts on “Change your view”

  1. bikesgonewild says:

    …thank you, ‘st louis regional bike federation’ for a nice series of bike advocacy commercials…

    …i’ll always maintain that tv is a great medium for disseminating bike info…people watch tv to kick back & relax, so they’re in the right frame of mind to receive the message…

    …when we’re on our computers, there is nothing more annoying than advertising, whether it’s the flashing adds on the side bars or even middle of various sites, or the precedent adds that can’t be fast forwarded for the u-tube vid we’re about to check out, but tv time is generally a time of easier, less stress mind use…

    …excellent, & thanks fritz for posting the article…a positive step in a good direction…

    …it gets depressing at times to realize that ‘most’ people can’t or won’t take the time to understand that not everyone feels the need to encumber themselves w/ a vehicle whether it be for practical or recreational reasons & we all have the right to be safe out there…i do drive a car, but at close to 60 years old, i ride when i can & love doing it…

    …so, again, thanks, good thinking & job well done !…

  2. rick says:

    The third video hit the nail squarely on the head for me when she said “I get my best ideas when I’m on my bike”. It’s exactly the same for me!!

  3. Jett says:

    SO simple: just focus on the reasons people choose to ride bikes.

    We can provide all sorts of logical arguments for riding bikes, but it all comes down to an individual saying to themselves: “That’s looks like fun. I want to try that.”.

  4. Spenny says:

    I love the video, but winter really kills the mood here in fargo. Its great to see television used for promoting biking.

  5. r. says:

    man, that’s awesome. i wish we had something like that showing on the memphis airways.

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