Chrome knickers are babe magnets

Tim reviewed Chrome’s knickers last year and now I’ve finally gotten a pair. I love them!

New Pants Panda

Tim’s already discussed the form and practicality of the pants, but I’ve discovered another function: women can’t keep their hands and eyes off of them! They love the look and feel of the mid weight four way stretch nylon/spandex fabric and the cut of the knickers. Some comments I’ve received from just a single day of wearing them.

  • Sara (my wife): Oh my, those look yummy. They fit really well on you.
  • Rachel (co-worker): Rich, I love those pants! Your calves look great! (yelled from down the hall as she’s running chasing me)
  • Jen (bus rider): Hi Rich! (eyes drift down) Oooh, those are sooo sexy!! Mmmmm!

Gentlemen, these pants will make you a rock star. As you can see in the above photo, I still have my winter layer of fur on my pale legs and I still got great complements. They even make Tim’s flat tush look sexy.

Made in San Francisco by Chrome Bags. Buy online direct from Chrome or find a Chrome dealer.

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0 thoughts on “Chrome knickers are babe magnets”

  1. Adam Lorenz says:

    Yeah… I need a pair… but I didn’t need to the view of the caboose =)

  2. clove says:

    You may have just convinced me. I hope they look equally sexy on a lady.

  3. Mike Myers says:

    I’ve considered spending the money on Chrome knickers, but I bought a pair of hemp knickers from Bicycle Fixation, and I like them a lot. Handmade by non-sweatshop labor in LA from hemp. Durable, comfortable, and look pretty cool.

    They’re not as high-tech as the Chromes, and you need to wear bicycle shorts or Andiamos underneath, but they’re quite a bit cheaper, and Bicycle Fixation is a neat site, and Rick(the proprietor) is a cool guy.

  4. Dust says:

    I disagree, the buttt shot is crucial. By the way, is there any padding in the knickers?

  5. Paul says:

    The Chrome knickers are, indeed, excellent cycling wear if one wants to avoid the standard street clothes vs. lycra dichotomy (which I do). That said, they are $130 – 150, depending on where you get them.

    Swrve makes better knickers which are also cheaper. Still about $100 a pop but well worth it. I have a pair of their heavyweight and midweight Schoeller knickers; absolutely phenomenal; I’m wearing them as I write this as they are comfy enough to wear around the house.

    I own a pair of the Chrome lightweight Shins and will probably be buying a pair of their midweight Shins at some point, but Swrve’s stuff is about the best deal out there for technical cycling knickers.

  6. bikesgonewild says:

    …that’s funny…i was w/ ya when you got those chrome knicks & they didn’t have quite the same effect on me…

    …& that’s probably a good thing…hah !!!…

    …actually they’re pretty neat & i do like the stretch factor…

  7. allentomdude says:

    I have both Chrome Shins and Swrve kickers, and the Chrome shins fit me much better. I also have a pair or REI Novara knickers, but they suck. I love my Chrome shins!

  8. Seamus says:


    Not Utilikilts?

  9. Tim Grahl says:

    The chrome knickers do have a bit of padding but it’s very minimal.

    These are by far the most comfortable thing I wear on the bike.

  10. Michael says:

    I’m wearing my pair right now myself.

    I’d have to agree too, my wife mentions how good they look on me very nearly everytime I wear them. My opinion, they’re dope pants that are comfortable, work well, and evidently look hot.

  11. Fritz says:

    I had a pair of Swrve Dynamics too. Amazingly comfortable fabric that moves with you while cycling, but they were just a little too tight for me; not really my style. I gave them away in Portland at NAHBS.

    Like Tim mentioned, there’s some thin padding in the Chromes. Unobtrusive, though, and it doesn’t give you the adult diaper look and feel like some bike shorts do.

    Clove, let us know when you post some photos on Flickr of you in a pair of Chromes — I don’t think I’ve seen a woman wearing them before but I’m sure that would look great.

  12. Ben says:

    Can anyone comment on how these fit compared to your actual waist size?

    I fall right on the line of L / XL with my 33-34 waist depending on fit and am wondering which size would suit me best.

  13. GaryJ says:

    Anyone try any of the Swobo knickers? $100+ for a pair of anything (clothing related) seems a little steep, but if the quality is good, they may be worth it.

  14. Alyssa says:

    Another option, priced more affordably than Chrome or Swobo: Hoss Ponderosa Knickers (

  15. Marrock says:

    I think I just went blind in one eye…

  16. Choke says:

    I believe paying that much for a pair of knickers is whack. Unless they were tiger stripe camo…but then you can’t really beat a pair of cut-off combat trousers.

  17. Choke: I’m with ya there on the price thing. Maybe Tim needs to start a site called”Blue Collar Commuter”. 🙂

    I just wear Dickies. Long ones in winter and short ones in summer. I think I can buy anywhere from five to six pair at the going rate for these knickers and I can get colors too. Anyway, it works just great for me commuting and I have been using Dickies since I started commuting in 2002.

    To each their own. 🙂

  18. redcliffs says:

    They are nice, but they’d have to be outrageously awesome to be worth 3.5x the MUSA knickers at Rivendell — — at $40. That goes for all the knickers mentioned here, I think. i don’t own a pair, though I’d like to; I confess that I wouldn’t pay $100+ – $150 for technical bibs, let alone unpadded pants for getting around town…

  19. Biking Bis says:

    Hey Fritz… They may be hot, but do they catch fire? Check out Hot Pants.

  20. Fritz says:

    G-Ted, I coulda swore I’ve seen you wearing Chrome pants. Or maybe I’m confusing that with your messenger bag.

    For great blue collar knickers, baseball pants from the thrift store are a great buy. Here’s a photo of my friend Martin riding his high wheel bike wearing baseball pants. Even brand new they’re about $10. Stretchy fabric moves with you and they fit great for cycling. I don’t know how fire retardant they are, though. (Great link, Gene!)

  21. John says:

    At 57 I could use a few comments like that. I can imagine what I would actually get though. Probably a give certificate for Nutri Systems.

  22. Vic DeHaven says:

    Actually it is a lot more fun to wear a cargo kilt in the hot area I live in. Southwest Aridzone.

  23. urbino says:

    Hi, all. new to the site.

    I still haven’t gotten on the knickers bandwagon. I usually go with hiking pants, with [reflective] velcro straps just below my calves. Now that the weather is warming up, I’m really liking the lightweight REI pants I got. (I think they call them “Adventure” pants, or some such.) Very lightweight, cool, and look like normal khakis when I’m off the bike.

  24. Philly Bill says:

    Yeah, I’m not gonna lie, before I only would ever ride in rolled up jeans and dickies, but for long rides you need something with a little give and some padding. I really wear these all time I wear them out, I wear them on my bike, wear’em around the house. Oh and I think they look and feel best rolled up just a bit…and that way you can’t tell if they are knickers or shorts.

    What it comes down to is buying these is like buying snowboarding pants, you want something you can move in, that is put together to last and looks good. If you got the cash….I’m telling you its well worth it.

    For those who are too cool, cheap or hipster, keep wearing you cut off dickies and your jeans but you don’t know what you missing….I sure didn’t

    but then again some people snowboard/ski in jeans……

  25. someone says:

    For that they cost, they better be.

  26. Allie says:

    Ha, very european too..

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