Trek Encouraging the Midwest to "Go By Bike"

Go By Bike

If you commute in the Kansas City, St. Louis or Omaha area you have a wonderful opportunity to encourage some of your friends who have been telling you that they are considering doing the same. There are others in your area that commuting by bike just isn’t feasible, but running short errands would be. Trek wants to help.

From the Trek Bicycle Stores web site:

Trek Bicycle Stores in Kansas City and St. Louis, along with Highgear Bicycle Store and the Trek Bicycle Store in Omaha, will select one male and one female from each city to participate in the Go By Bike Challenge.

The two winners in each city will receive a free Trek FX bike, a cycling jersey and essential gear to help them become bicycle lifestyle champions. And yes, if you complete the challenge you get to keep all of your new stuff.

We want you to show others in the community how easy it is to Go By Bike. This May, during National Bike Month, you will share your stories about using your bike for short trips. Ride to the store, to the coffee shop, to school, or to the dentist. Ride wherever you want. Show how easy it is to change your habits and ride your bike for short trips.

Are you interested in becoming a bicycle lifestyle champion? Do you want to show how riding a bicycle can benefit your health and the health of the community?

Winners will be announced at the end of March, and the Challenge will happen during May, National Bike Month.

They’re looking for people who aren’t avid riders currently (wouldn’t you know), but feel that this is a lifestyle they want to try. You have to be 18, willing to blog about your experience and submit your information by the end of the day March 24th. Complete rules are available at the site.

So, know someone who has been on the fence about riding their bike. Tell them they don’t need to start by riding to work, they can just make some short trips to run errands — and they have a shot at getting started with a free bike and gear. If they need tips, check out our Commuting 101 section, or Trek’s 1 World 2 Wheels site.

Thanks to Eric at for the heads up.

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0 thoughts on “Trek Encouraging the Midwest to "Go By Bike"”

  1. GaryJ says:

    It is great to see the manufacturers trying to get more people to bike, but on the flip side, it is disheartening that it takes “free” to motivate people to do so….This would be an obvious win-win situation for both sides (manufacturers and commuters).

  2. Noah says:

    Deb Ridgway covered this in our last Kansas City Wike Week planning meeting.

    I think it’s exciting, and the kind of people they’re looking for are the kind of person I was when I first started commuting by bike not that long ago, so I can definitely get on board with this promotion.

  3. Quinn says:

    it would be very cool to see this go nation wide!

    I agree with Gary about “free”, I guess all we can hope for is that the winner(s) actually use their free bike.

  4. Fritz says:

    THis looks similar to BIcycling Magazine’s BikeTown USA program. Each year, Bicycling selects cities in which to promote cycling. People submit essays on what they’ll do with a free bike and winners are selected. Bicycling gets them set up with the free bikes and does followup with them through the year. Some people ride once or twice and never get back on (and that’s expected) but more than a few become committed bike commuters and fitness cyclists, which is the point of the program. It’s great to see Trek doing a similar program on their own like this.

  5. wannaCmore says:

    Damn, too bad I live in Tulsa…

  6. Becx says:

    WannaCmore…the Trek Store of Tulsa is also offering the Go by bike promotion…! Good luck.

  7. wannaCmore says:

    Becx- Where did you get your info from? I went to the Trek Store on Tuesday, and they knew nothing.

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