New Commuter Bikes section (plus, win a Raleigh One Way)

In looking at our traffic stats, the Commuter Bikes section of our website is our most popular ( with Commuting 101 running a close second ). I’ve been unhappy for awhile with how that section works so today we are launching a completely new format called the Commuter Bikes Database.

The database is built in ‘wiki’ style which means anybody can login and add products, make changes, add pictures, add comments, etc. So while our staff has gotten the ball rolling, you can jump in and help us keep it up to date.

The goal of the database is to catalog commuter specific bikes. So while we agree that most any bike can get you from point A to point B, we are trying to keep track of those bikes that are specifically built for transportation instead of sport. So commuter or touring bikes is what we’re after.

We hope this becomes a great resource for you while looking at the bike options across the market and trying to make the best decision for your situation.

What’s even more amazing is the belief that Raleigh USA has in our site and what we’re doing. They are putting up a brand new Raleigh One Way that one of you can win. All you have to do is signup for the database and update something. Whether it’s uploading a picture, adding a comment or adding a new product to the catalog… just get involved and you’re entered to win!

Have a look and let us know what you think. We’re going to be constantly tweaking the database to make it more informative and useful.

Update: Make sure you register with your real email address so if you win the bike we can get ahold of you. We promise we won’t spam.

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0 thoughts on “New Commuter Bikes section (plus, win a Raleigh One Way)”

  1. danimal says:

    Nice. I wish there were more categories than just bike or frame to add products to. I’d love to post some info on fenders and lights I’ve found that I love.

  2. Tim Grahl says:

    danimal: That was something we considered but that’s a pretty overwhelming task to start out with. We figured we would launch with trying to keep track of bikes and frames and if it works out well we’ll expand in the future.

    btw, danimal (and everyone else) you may want to register with your real email address so that we can contact you if you win the bike.

  3. danimal says:

    Thanks Tim. I understand the enormity of it as you’re just starting out. thanks for doing this. I love having community resources to check out, especially if I decide to get a new commuter bike at some point.

    also, I used a valid email address. If there’s a problem with it drop me a note and let me know.


  4. Noah says:

    FYi Tim, I still haven’t gotten the e-mail the new DB was supposed to send out, although my login info worked fine. I, too, submitted a known good email address (but different than the one you have on file)

    I love this idea, and know of some factory-equipped bikes to add.

  5. RC says:

    I guess I’m one of the people who have been driving up traffic on this section. I’ve been looking for a decent commuter bike since I returned from a vacation in Amsterdam last spring. I was going to purchase a Dutch Azor bike or a British Pashley but the prices were too forbidding. My local bike store just didn’t understand what I was looking for – a bike with a true upright seating position that didn’t cost $1500.

    I think I might just go buy a used 26 inch wheel three speed.

  6. Arleigh says:


    I would be interested to know what lines your area carries. Most of us would be more than happy to help you with your decision. I’ve sold almost all the major lines and have ridden a good number of them for a long extent.

    That used 3 speed might not be a bad idea but I would keep in mind weight.


  7. wannaCmore says:

    I registered/logged in successfully. However, I was unable to add a product. When I clicked on Bike, I got an error message saying that IE could not access the site. I was going to add the KHS Urban X to the db. If somebody would kindly add that to the db for me, I would appreciate it. Besides, I am not much of a singlespeed fan (hills everywhere here).

  8. Marrock says:

    Almost anything I could add would have to go into a “Don’t let this happen to you” section and you don’t have one yet.

  9. rick says:

    I’m getting the IE error message also.

  10. RC says:

    I’m not really commuting. I just use my bike for errands around town – the longest is about 4 miles round trip. But I’ve been trying to use the bike instead of a car whenever I can including grocery shopping. The local bike stores carry the usual suspects – Trek, Specialized, Giant, Surly. I tried some so-called comfort bikes but hated the way they rode. I tried a Breezer and it was close but I’d have to change the handlebars. I liked the 26 inch wheels. I tried the Schwinn Coffee and liked it a lot but it was just a tad too big for me – only comes in one size. The new Gary Fisher Simple City looks like it might be okay but again I’d probably have to change the handlebars to get a fully upright posture. Anyway they don’t seem like they’ll be available for a couple of months.

  11. Tim Grahl says:

    Hey everyone, thanks for finding those bugs. I got a few more via email. I’ll be working asap to get them done.

  12. DMill says:

    Yep, I get the same IE “Operation Aborted” error. I also did not get a confirmation email, and I used a real email address.

  13. Tim Grahl says:

    Looks as if I’ve gotten the IE issue cleared up… let me know if you’re still seeing it.

  14. Arleigh says:

    RC –

    Do you not like the far back feel of the “flat foot design” that many hybrids have? If so I have found that it is a very inefficient with pedaling.

    One of my favorite price effective commuter/urban bikes is the 7.2FX. If your local shop is willing to swap out the stem to one with more rise you should be able to get a pretty upright seat position.

    Where in the country are you? Maybe we can suggest a commuter friendly shop for you to check out. If you are only going 4 miles and not looking at a “performance” bike make sure to tell that to whatever sales associate talks to you.

  15. starfishboy says:

    I wish too that you could include Bikes that are not in your pop-up list. I picked up my Pedersen last year and find that If you get properly fit……Its the most comfortable Bike I have just about ever ridden.
    Well built, a little expensive, but worth it!

  16. Dweendaddy says:

    I think it would be good to have prices associated with each entry, and then a way to search for all bikes in the database within a certain price range (craigslist style).

  17. Fritz says:

    Starfish, if the brand isn’t in the list, the very last option is “Not In List” which gives you the option to add another brand.

  18. Noah says:

    I’d like to echo Dweendaddy’s sentiment about prices, even if there’s a drop-down with price ranges ( under $200, $200-400, etc…)

  19. Ira says:

    Hi Tim
    I’m registered. Is that enough to be entered in the contest? I tried to upload a product I thought would be useful, but since the site only takes bikes or frames, I was stymied.

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