Exclusive First Look: Masi SoulVille SS

Masi SoulVille Singlespeed Cut

Masi Bikes released the SoulVille at Interbike 2007 and it has been continually sold out. As a response to this they will have a June release of the new singlespeed version.

The MSRP of the SoulVille SS will be somewhere around $650 (still flexible) and will be available in 16, 18, 20 and 22″ sizes. The rear hub will be a flipflop fixed and freewheel hub. Lock-on grips with cork tape wrap.

The frame will be the same as the geared SoulVille but with no fenders for a more “street rod” look. There’s currently no stepthrough (Mixte) version planned.

As Tim Jackson, Masi’s brand manager, says… “[It has] more cool factor per dollar than a Ferrari”.

That’s hard to argue with.

Before you say it, yes this is expensive compared to other similar bikes. The Gary Fisher Simple City 3-geared will be retailing for $550. However the Masi geared SoulVille isn’t the cheapest bike on the market and they still can’t keep them in stock.

There’s something to be said for having a unique design and brand between your legs.

Masi SoulVille Singlespeed

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23 thoughts on “Exclusive First Look: Masi SoulVille SS”

  1. The Fisher is a nice bike and it’s good company to be in- even if we’re more expensive. One thing to keep in mind though is that the steel tubing is more expensive than aluminum, so that is the main reason for the higher price… plus they’ll sell more bikes in one size than I will in all my sizes in all SoulVille models combined, likely. The economy of scale working at it’s best!

    Thanks for the nice write up. We’re very, very proud of these bikes and I personally can’t wait to get one of these for myself. It’s just a really fun bike to ride. The sample in the picture is the 18″ size and it obviously too small for me, but it still rides fun. I can’t wait to get my 22″ and blast around the neighborhood.

    Thanks again!

  2. JoelGuelph says:

    Looks sweet! I want.

    The Simple City sure doesn’t com with cork grips!

    What kind of brake is on there? It kind of looks like a long reach road caliper style from the picture. Will it come with a fixed sprocket, or just the freewheel?

  3. Ghost Rider says:

    Helloooo, sexy! Masi has got it GOING ON with all these cool new bikes.

    I love how this SoulVille really captures the essence of old board-track racers, yet doesn’t look like a straight repro. I’d pay extra for a stunner like this, that’s for sure!

  4. Wow! Well done, Tim. Masi just keeps getting better.

    Now if I could only convince you to do a 29″er like that! 😉

  5. Picked up my new Soulville 8-speed yesterday in antique Beige. Everything you guys said about this bike was completely true. It’s gorgeous, fun to ride and the quality of the build is unbelievable. I had a front brake added to mine which is really handy in traffic. Added a Topeak Explorer rack and their nifty slide-in slide-out bag and it looks great outfitted that way. Nice mount for my rear light on the Topeak rack as well. It all looks very “OEM’ish”.

    So add me to the inumerable MASI fans out there. I just turned 58 and this is my first bike in years, but it’s like they say, you don’t ever forget how to ride. Of course, never had a bike this good before. I remember coaster brakes of course, but the one on this bike really has great stopping power.

    Thanks Masi !

  6. Bob from Santa Fe; Man, you just made my night! I just walked in the door from a nice little evening training ride and this is what I came back to in my email. Sincerely- I am flattered more than you can possibly know. All of us at Masi are.

    Thank you for the very generous kind words.

    FYI- It isn’t a done deal yet, but we are looking at adding a front hand brake to production models. Also, for those folks who do not wish to break in a leather saddle, we’re getting a vinyl saddle with a very similar look- complete with brass buttons along the back and MASI stamped in the sides. The saddles should be in stock soon (I hope) and it is the same saddle being spec’ed on the 3-speed version of the bike.

  7. Craig says:

    I live a long way from any Masi dealers and despite numerous entreaties, was unable to get my LBS to stock them, so my year long search for a new commuter went a different way last month.

    However, last week, I was on a rare road trip and saw a bike shop and pulled over (as I sometimes do) and there right in front of me when I walked in the front door, was a gorgeous cream colored Soulville. Holy crap it is indeed sweeter in the flesh than in pictures. Then around the corner stood a black one, and a Speciale Commuter. I can unequivocally tell you right now that my next bike will be a Masi.

    Maybe the SS Soulville…

  8. Craig… man, this has just made my day! Having kind of a rough start to the week, so this is a welcome comment to see.

    I’m obviously very partial to the bikes we make, but I would have to agree that they are very good looking bikes. I always say that for a company our size (very small), we spend a disproportionate amount of time worrying about the cosmetics of the bikes… but I stand behind those decisions.

    AND… the SS is such a fun bike. I’ve pretty much decided that I will be adding one to my already overcrowded collection of bikes.

  9. Craig:

    You didn’t happen to be in Santa Fe, NM at the time were you? That sounds like the exact inventory of my dealer here, Melo Velo. Great guys to do business with.

  10. JoelGuelph says:

    I’ve got some bad news to report on Tim “Masiguy” Jackson. He was in a pretty nasty looking crash on the velodrome on Tuesday night.

    Check out these blogs for more info, racer blue squirrel has been visiting Tim in the hospital and has started a recovery fund, and A Surfeit of Passion has some more info along with some hospital room photos.

  11. Bruce Henderson says:

    I was in the bike shop a few months ago for the much more mundane reason of trying to find a helmet for a 5-year-old. But I like to look at bikes and see how different companies approach various situations. So I’m there wandering about looking at the mountain bikes (a very large part of the shop’s business as they are at the edge of the Santa Monica Mountains near Los Angeles), street bikes and the like, when I was literally stopped in my tracks by a Soulville SS in a darker color (“antique bronze”?). Wow, but it was love at first sight. The grips, the saddle, the overall look of the bike — instant intense desire to have and to hold. Unfortunately, I cannot justify buying every bike that strikes my fancy. But to Tim and the rest of the guys at Masi, very well done!

    P.S. Maybe I’ll help the economy a bit and get one anyway. 😎

  12. Arleigh says:

    Bruce –

    I’ve learned that owning a bike you desire only means you ride more. It’s a proven fact actually.

  13. Bruce Henderson says:

    To Arleigh,

    I find that logic very easy to understand and accept. I may be in the market for a new bike very soon. Thanks for the nudge. 😀

  14. Bruce… man, you absolutely made my day with this comment when I saw it last night. THANK YOU for your comment and praise for our work- sincerely, it’s why we do what we do. The economy does need your help and we’d be happy to have you join the Masi family.

    Again, thanks for the support.


  15. Mark says:

    Does anyone know if the seatstay bridge drilled so that a rear caliper brake be added?


  16. Mark- totally brake ready! Needs a long reach caliper though; we use the Tektro 800A- it’s long enough and has wide enough legs to get around fenders.

  17. Kyle from Austin says:

    Damn…the soulville ss is a jaw dropper. Been looking for a single speed for awhile, and nothing has said, “you know you want this” like this little masterpiece from Masi. My LBS carries Masi as should all LBS’s, but they don’t have any of the soulville ss. I’m 6’2″ about 180lbs; what size should I ask them to order…20″ or 22″?

  18. Kyle,

    Hey there man- thanks for the compliments on the bike. We think it rocks… but we’re obviously biased.

    At 6’2″, you’re like me (6’2.5″) and can ride either, so it depends on the fit you want. It is designed to be a little more upright, so the 22″ is great for that. The 20″ gives a lower front end for a more “street rod” position. I ride both sizes, but prefer the 22″ personally.

    Hope you end up on one- pretty positive you’ll love it.


  19. eric K. says:

    I’m definately considering one for myself after looking online at different City/Cruiser type bikes. This one looks the best. Just trying to decide on size as mentioned by Kyle. Im 6’1″ so maybe the 20″ will work well. Also trying to decide if I should go with the SS or the speed. What if I wanted to buy just a frameset and build it up myself. Do you guys sell just the frames or do I have to buy a complete bike?


    1. Eric –

      Sent your comment to Tim Jackson of Masi, hopefully he will have some insight on the frame vs bike. If you’re 6’1 I would say you need a 20″ without seeing you.

  20. Sorry for the delayed reply- been on the road the past week with spotty internet service.

    Frames only- at this point, the SoulVilles are only available as complete bikes.

    Sizing- depending on the type of riding you are planning to do, you could ride either the 20″ or the 22″. They run a little small, so I ride the 22″ and I’m 6’3″. I have a 20″ as well and it is comfortable enough, but the front end is slightly lower than the intended fit- which is why we added a 22″ for that more upright cruising position. That said, the 20″ with the slightly lower position does make for a zippy feel too… so it really does depend on what your ultimate riding goals are.

    Cloudy enough answer?

    Thanks for the interest- the SoulVilles are such fun bikes. They really have been a fun category to work on.

  21. Jeremy says:

    I am like a few other folks here, I “stumbled” into this bike and was stopped dead in my tracks. Gorgeous! and functional! I am looking for something city/suburban friendly but laid back. I live around too many hills and am not in the ideal physical shape to contemplate the clean and cool looking SS or 3-speed so think although the 10-speed is perhaps the best “nut” for this “bolt”, that cleaner looking 7-speed might be the right bike and be okay for the inclines I have to work with in my town.

    This bike is truly a breath of fresh air, it has “drop kicked” me squarely out of my thoughts that I would be looking for a hybrid commuter in the sense of mtb type frame and did me the favor of opening my eyes to something undeniably beautiful, cool, smooth and easy going…fits my vibe perfectly.

    Now to scrounge up the coins in the sofa cushions to get myself one of these..

    Fantastic job Masi!

    Maybe it wont do you any favors because of being a smaller company, your production capacity likely has its limits, but if you (and other owners) were to spend some time taking videos of the bike; nothing too fancy, just folks riding and talking and using the bike as folks generally do, but something to give some folks that have not seen the bike in the flesh a chance to see it other than in pictures. YouTube are a wonderful marketing mechanism to get the word out, I looked and simply couldnt find anything useful on it regarding the bike and nowadays that seems to be the first place I go to have a deeper look at any product I’m interested in.

    I stumbled onto this bike while looking for something else, so I can only suspect that there is a large number of people that are perhaps looking to get into bicycles or looking to re-enter after a hiatus might be perfect candidates for this bike but have no idea about it’s existence…I didnt! (which isnt saying much admittedly).

    Get a number of different 3 minute video clips out there, show her off, make us drool. If you make it, they will come with wet ink and open checkbooks, I’m sure of it. The same for you folks that have a ‘soulville’, start pointing clips on the web so we all can see what she’s like out and about.

  22. takuya matsumoto says:

    Hi, I am 6 foot and half(183cm). I weigh about 180 lb. I like to ride my bike more like upright position, and i’m thinking to get soulville3. shoud i get 20″ or 22″..??

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