General Motors buys Specialized

Update: As most of you already figured out, this is indeed an April Fool’s post. Carlton Reid of Bike Biz, Fritz, Arleigh and I were all in on it from the beginning… about two weeks ago. It was all in good fun… seems even Mike Sinyard got a laugh out of it.

Silicon Valley Business Journal:

General Motors has announced the acquisition of Specialized Bicycle Components. The boards of directors of both companies approved the acquisition on Friday. The acquisition is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2008 pending regulatory approval in the US, Canada and Europe. Terms of the all-share acquisition from Specialized Founder and President Mike Sinyard and Merida of Taiwan were not disclosed.

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This story was also covered by Bike Biz.

So the behemoth car company buys one of the biggest bike companies? What do you think this means for the likes of General Motors? Is it any more than a PR move to make themselves look more ‘green’?

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0 thoughts on “General Motors buys Specialized”

  1. miker says:

    This could be GM seeing a coming rise in the popularity of bicycle transit & trying to diversify into that market.

    Or it could be like they did with streetcars & buses where they bought up the trolley companies. They closed them down in favor of the new, “nicer”, bus lines, then ran the buses so poorly to drive passengers to buy cars rather than deal with the buses.

    So either they want to get in on the market or they want to squash it. They have history doing both. (Actually, I think they only have a history of squashing, but I am feeling generous)

  2. Ghost Rider says:

    Are we sure this isn’t an April Fool’s prank?

  3. T.C. O'Rourke says:


  4. Kastigar says:

    There’s a difference – GM didn’t buy up the trolley manufacturing or the bus manufacturing.

    I’m unsure how buying up one bike manufacturer could lead to squashing bicycles. Maybe if they tried to monopolize the bicycle manufacturing industry, but that’s doubtful and besides which there a lot of people who’d love to go into the bike manufacturing business.

    I can’t see any harm coming from this; all we can hope for is some good.

    Maybe GM has it right – the future of transportation is going to be the bicycle.

  5. April Idiot says:

    you’re not supposed to post this stuff until the 1st.

  6. william says:

    april fools. Sigh… wake me when it’s over.

  7. Stu says:

    Getting 4/1/08 started a little early, are we?

  8. Peter says:

    i _hate_ april fool’s day on the net. is this a joke? you can’t tell who’s telling fact vs. fiction. i mean – it’s modern day america. our government makes orwell-esque pronouncements just about every day. so stupid.

  9. Geribaldo says:

    This is an awesome joke.

  10. Patrick says:

    DOH! First time I’ve been fooled today. Way to go!!

  11. william says:

    the problem with april fool’s day is that people who are not funny attempt to be, and their joke ends up being merely a lie. I wonder if this had any effect on GM or Specialized’s stock…

  12. rick says:

    Please please please someone confirm that this is in fact a really bad joke!!!

  13. Noah says:

    It is, in fact, a joke. But I think it was quite well-played.

    Apparently, the Specialized guys didn’t think it was so funny.

  14. JiMCi says:

    The press release names Flora Lopi as GM’s VP, Environment, Energy and Safety Policy. This job title belongs to Elizabeth Lowery. Flora Lopi is an anagram for April Fool. 😉

  15. Ghost Rider says:

    Well, of all the bike-related blog pranks pulled today, this one takes the cake! Very cleverly crafted, CbBers!!!

  16. rick says:

    As this joke circulated I was astonished by reading comments at different sights that suggested that it might not be a bad idea. What kind of company is General Motors exactly?
    GM fought seat belt use, GM fought against ABS brake systems, GM currently fights against reducing vehicle emmisions, GM currently fights against increasing fuel milage standards, GM manufactures Hummers,

    They are an evil empire and are the enemy IMO.

  17. P Buddery says:

    If it’s a joke, then it’s a joke.

    But if it’s real, then it suggests that GM can smell a profit making bikes in the future. Over the last few years I have been counting more and more bike commuters mixing fun and travel. Perhaps the GM engineering staff is comprised of bike riders – ours is.

    What annoys me is the greater and greater specialisation of bikes. I want a full-suspension MTB suitable for commuting, off-road and lazy days. It needs a stand, a chainguard and a rack No-one makes a high or medium quality bike like this, but my semi-cheapy MTB has survived 4000 miles. I want a commuting roady, light and fast, good on the big hills. It needs a rack, a chainguard and a stand. Guess what? No-one makes one, but I have put a rack on one of my brother’s lovely old roadies.

    And the helmet stuff? I have a BMI of 32, the lightest I have been in 20 years, but I get faster as I get fitter. I stay just as hot, and cooking my brain with a helmet is a very dangerous idea.
    Why can’t all those helmet lovers encourage tail light use instead? I have 4, but only two are on the bike of the day because the other two have flat batteries and electrical gremlins.

    Sure, I love cars. I have one parked outside my house. But commuting by bike is a great way to get 6 hours a week of good solid pedalling, up and over a nice fruity hill that might have been put there just for my pleasure.

    We all know that rampant consumerism and materialism and stupidity is destroying the planet. Fuel costs are arising faster than my body temperature. We can all lessen the damage by some fun pedalling.

    P B

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