Month: March 2008

Singlespeed belt drive

Here’s some bike porn for you all. Lynskey Performance just posted about their use of belt drives on singlespeed bikes. They title the post “A Stunning Singlespeed.” I saw their belt drive bikes at the 2008 Handbuilt Bicycle Show and they are indeed stunning. I talked with some folks at the show about the practicality…

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Boulder commuter of the year

Attention Boulder, Colorado bicycle commuters: GO Boulder/city of Boulder is in search of nominees for its 12th Annual Commuter of the Year Contest. Three people who have chosen to leave their cars behind and commute by bike, bus or some combination of biking, walking and using transit will be honored as the 2008 “Commuters of…

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Bike Commuter Nutriment

There’s always room for coffee in the bike bottle cage, but what about putting real fuel in your bike’s tank? Protein shakes, granola bars and bananas! Oh, my! As it warms up here in the great plains, I’m slowly switching over to bike-only commuting mode. By heart rate calculations, my 28+ mile round trip burns…

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Pain at the pump

From political cartoonist Walt Handelsman.. Regular gasoline is going for $3.65/gallon at the discount places near my home this weekend, and diesel has been over $4/gallon for a couple of weeks now. How much is it where you live?

Folding bikes: Great leap forward

U.S. folding bike maker Dahon reports record bike sales in 2007, with 348,000 folding bicycles sold in 2007 compared with 290,000 in 2006, representing a 20% increase in unit sales and 36% increase in revenue. Dahon’s increased sales in the U.S. and worldwide are part of a larger trend of increased sales of commuter bikes….

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Check that bike rack

You’ve done your homework and bought the best locks for your bike, you know how to securely lock your bike, and perhaps you’ve even uglified it. But have you ensured the bike rack itself is secure? University of Oregon students Lauren Miller, Hollie Putnam and Lauren Prince discovered all three of their locked bicycles were…

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First Impression: Surly Big Dummy

An amazing thing happened this morning. A commute that would have normally been by car was instead taken on a bike. Commute by Bike has taken delivery of a Surly Big Dummy for review. We’ve been talking about this bike since it was first shown at Interbike in September of 2006. They recently went on…

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Grinding brakes test nerves and rims

I’ve been using SwissStop all-weather pads on my road bike for a while, but this morning, they started grinding. As it turns out, the temperatures here are still below freezing, and that made the brake pads harder and harsher. Little by little, they started to scour aluminum off of my rims. This made a horrible…

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Test your awareness skills

Cyclists in the San Francisco Bay Area are mourning the loss of two world class athletes who died Sunday when a Sheriff’s deputy apparently fell asleep at the wheel and ran head on into a group ride. A few hours later, two other cyclists were seriously injured on Skyline Boulevard in San Mateo County when…

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