Month: March 2008

Cyclist tip: Change your patch kit glue

If you carry a patch kit around and don’t use glueless patches, now’s a good time to check the glue in your patch kit. The glue can evaporate even from unopened tubes of glue. The end of the metal glue tubes are usually crimped, and there’s sometimes enough of a gap to allow the glue…

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Growning Pains: We've moved

As many of you have noticed, our site was starting to run pretty sluggish. It probably had to do with the fact that we’ve recently tripled the number of people visiting the site… This, of course, is a good problem to have, but it means I finally had to pony up for a better host….

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Cyclists Subsidize Motorists

How much are we paying for the roads? If you are primarily a cyclist, too much, according to a paper from the Victoria Transport Policy Institute. They published a paper back in 2004 titled “Whose Roads?: Defining Bicyclists’ and Pedestrians’ Right to Use Public Roadways,” which can be found here. It is an interesting read,…

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The 3-foot buffer law – will it hold up in court?

The Salt Lake City Tribune: Alleged ‘prank’ brings first prosecution under ‘3-foot law’. Jason Bultman was pedaling his bicycle up 500 East in Salt Lake City in November when a red pickup zoomed up beside him and a hand swiped across his back. Startled, the all-seasons bicycle commuter feared he was so close to the…

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I have been thinking about what motivates me to ride my bike everyday. Sure I enjoy riding my bike and have for the past 15 plus years. I was an avid racer, still do regular training type rides, and an occasional race. That alone is not enough o get me out of bed every morning…

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Commuting 101: Learn your local "village"

I personally think that commuting by bike is more than just the to-and-from work daily grind. It’s about cycling for transportation in general: Utility Cycling, if you will. A while ago, Warren introduced us to Clif Bar‘s 2-Mile Challenge. To those of us who live in suburbia and are in the process of reducing our…

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Not as slow as you'd think

I ran a whole bunch of errands back to back tonight.  It was a pretty low-mileage day, with 3 errands strung together for a grand total just a little over 4 miles.  Something interesting happened on the way home.  You see, I was on a relatively empty road in the evening.  There were no traffic…

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Mobiky Genius folding bike

My friend Maribeth recently picked up a Mobiky Genius folding bike and she let me try it out. The Mobiky Genius is a cute folding bicycle with tiny 12 inch tires that folds up very quickly and fairly compactly. Mobiky seems to market primarily to the general aviation and yachting crowd, who like folding bikes…

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Bicycle and commuting humor

I recently ran across Yehuda Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery, a web comic that most bike commuters and bike shop employees will get a chuckle out of.  The author’s only been at it for a little over a month but it’s shaping up to be some daily entertainment for my RSS reader.  Some days, there’s…

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