Earth Day:!@%$#! Cars, Ride Your Bike

Ride Your Bike BadgeEarth Day is around the corner and, the way we see it, the only thing better than having an excuse to ride our bikes is having an excuse to get lots of people to ride their bikes.

You might have guessed that we have a passion for bicycles here at the Bike Trailer Blog. A big part of that comes from our desire to minimize our individual impact on the environment. Join with us this Earth Day in promoting bicycling as a solution for earth friendly transportation.

We are asking everyone we know to make a pledge to ditch the car and opt for greener transportation (bike, bike, bike, or walk, take public transportation or come up with some other mode for teleporting your bad self that doesn’t burn up compressed dinosaur juice). Leave a comment and let us know that you will be joining us.

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0 thoughts on “Earth Day:!@%$#! Cars, Ride Your Bike”

  1. Richard says:

    I want to let you know about a card recently started by SquidNote and TerraPass for our beloved mother earth. People from all over the world are pledging to make a difference this year.

    Leave a message and help us spread the word!


  2. John Davis says:

    Hey I found your link from this physics website:

    Chicago is supporting riding your bike on earth day!


  3. Jaimie says:

    I am really looking forward to riding my bike for earth day! Sadly I do not have one at this time, so I will be supporting the cause by walking to work!!!!!! I hope this message is heard loud and clear- Bikes are the new Cars!!

  4. Cole Miller says:

    I’m looking forward to Earth day and hopefully that everyone would start riding the’re bikes, i know that i do. i ride my bike to work, to and from school, to the lake, to the gym and practicly everywhere that i can think of. but all my family members uses cars but i’m the only one that rides my bike everywhere.

  5. Bob Dobs says:

    after the apocalypse, bikes will be the only working vehicles left…

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