SealLine Urban Backpack : Preview

Last week I took delivery of two bags from SealLine, their Urban Backpack and Shoulder Bag. The first one I really will be testing out the next few weeks is the Urban Backpack. With its dry sack design and roll top it really is water proof. This right now is needed in the South East as it has been raining 3/4 days a week.

Both of these bags will be traveling across the country with me to Sea Otter which means at least one of them will be on my back for 8+ straight hours with helmet, shoes, laptop, camera gear, etc etc. I would guess probably around 15 lbs of gear.

Some teaser photos of the Urban Backpack :

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0 thoughts on “SealLine Urban Backpack : Preview”

  1. vegancommuter says:

    It looks like it has good ventilation on the backside, I wonder if that would help eliminate some of the sweating. A little on the pricey side but if it all works well it’s worth it. I use the Novara Commuter Backpack from REI and have found it to be one of the best out there for daily commuters.

  2. Marrock says:

    How does this one compare to the Banjo Brothers Commuter pack?

  3. Laura says:

    Looks very durable. Awfully ugly though….no offense. :]

  4. Ghost Rider says:

    I don’t know if they changed the sizing of the Urban backpack…but it is HUGE. It holds a LOT:

    Best thing of all is that the bag is completely and totally waterproof…not water-resistant, not “splashproof” but it absolutely WILL NOT leak. You could submerge this thing and your goodies will stay dry!

  5. Arleigh says:

    Ghost Rider,

    There are two sizes to the Urban backpack. I purposely got the smaller one as riding with the large one might become a nuisance. So far I’m not lacking room either.

  6. Arleigh says:


    I have no experience with the banjo bag. From looking at their website it doesn’t look like that one has a roll top, and both the sizes on the SealLine fall each end of the Banjo, 1037 & 2270 vs 1500 cu. in.

  7. Ghost Rider says:

    Arleigh, you made a smart move getting the smaller size…plenty roomy, as you’ve discovered. The big one is just too freaking big!!!

  8. BamaJim says:

    I use the banjo brothers bag for my commutes, and the bag does have a fold over design underneath the top cover for waterproofness.

  9. James says:

    The major problem with wearing that pack is that you will look like you are leading an amphibious assault. Seriously, it’s a giant rubber bag. This is WWII technology. It’s even olive green!

    Other than being ugly, if water ever does get inside, it’s going to make a big puddle in the bottom.

  10. Arleigh says:


    thank you for the input! Again I have never seen or touched one of these bags to know how the are constructed.

  11. jstreetride says:

    what other colors does it come in?

  12. Maddy says:

    I just bought one of these yesterday, filled it full of work clothes, etc, and have to say emphatically that it is amazing. Honestly, the bag is so lightweight that I can hardly feel it. Even loaded, it sits so comfortably that the load disappears. I was torn between this bag and the Ortlieb, but the secure fastener and lighter weight of this pack won.

  13. rocketman says:

    There’s no way (shy of duct tape) to attach lights or reflectors to this bag, something anyone riding in the rain needs to consider.

  14. Arleigh says:

    Rocketman – I attached lights and reflectors to the slits on the pocket on the back with reinforcement from a zip tie.

  15. tim says:

    i just got this bag in a large and it looks HUGEEE. I don’t know whether to return it or risk opening it to see how it fits..

    any advice on small vs large?

    i’ve compared the volumes and don’t want to end up with a bag too small because i want to use it for school, but have space to carry climbing shoes and a change of clothes or a day trip hi

  16. Andrés says:

    My personal experience with THIS backpack:

    in the begining we noticed how uncomfortable the backpack straps are, behing your neck/head area, it continuosly grabs and hangs on your skin. This is due to the “handle” built out of the backpack straps which instead of seperating, unite instead.

    After 2 weeks of usage in easy, light-weight day trips the backpack BROKE. A HOLE was made by the rupture of the backpack fabric right where the seam/rubber patch holds the back-straps to the fabric. This means now I have a hole where the water gushes in everytime water slips through my back in the rain…. and I bought this for its waterproof quality! bah!

    Then the WAIST-STRAP, continuosly slipped-OFF the backpack, it seems there its a factory-mistake (yet another).

    I later discovered that the Urban Backpack is made in CHINA. While the other-one I own Sealline PRO back pack is made in the USA.

    Conclusion: the Urban Backpack is a bad-quality, expensive backpack that is in no way value for money! I would rather buy a 10 dollar bag at a chinise-cheap store, in the end, it would last just as long!

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