New Pedros Trixie tool

Pedros is well known for their bike care products and for being a very environmentally minded company. They’ve recently picked up some new investors and gotten a new infusion of cash. During the press conference yesterday I asked what they would be doing with their new found money and they said:

We’re very interested and aware of the transportation and utility bike segment. I think that’s very very important. It’s the underpinngins of what we see as sustainability. […] I think you’ll see a lot more in the transportation and utility area from us.

Although they wouldn’t give up to much information on new products, they did show us the new Pedros Trixie tool. This small item is packed with features.

  1. Lockring tool
  2. Pin hole to make your own chain whip (going with the green theme, they want you to use an old piece of chain to make your chain whip)
  3. Spoke wrench
  4. 15mm wrench
  5. 5mm allen wrench
  6. 3 sizes of hex style wrenches
  7. Bottle opener (a must!)

Pedros Trixie Tool

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0 thoughts on “New Pedros Trixie tool”

  1. Noah says:

    Oh my my… Must have!

  2. john says:

    I would have much rather have seen that 15mm made into an open wrench and the spoke tool placed somewhere else….

  3. Ghost Rider says:

    Hello, Trixie! That is so much cooler than the crazily expensive (and much less versatile)EAI “Super Track” tool.

  4. david p. says:

    spoke tools aren’t that tough to carry around. not sure the utility of squeezing it into an already over-thought design.

    but still, i like the idea.

  5. david in fla says:

    What is it made of? those hex sections look like they’d strip out pretty quickly unless this thing is tool steel or something forged/beefy. Can you even use that to tighten brake calipers? I like the idea, but I’d have to use one for a while to see how practical it actually is. Kudos for outside the box thinking though!

    -david in fla

  6. Tim Grahl says:

    The hex sections are 8, 9 and 10mm.

    david in fla: The tool IS made of steel and should be plenty strong.

    They’re still testing it and this is a prototype so there may be a couple changes in the final version. It’s due out mid to late summer.

  7. its long enough, and looks plenty strong…
    but huh… pedal wrench?

  8. I’m curious. I want to weigh it against my existing pouch tools to see if it’s a real benefit… fantastic design, looks ultra useful.

  9. fix4me says:

    Should be a great tool for us who ride fixed gear on the road.

  10. bikelove says:

    Since its still in production maybe they will rethink the spoke tool part, to be honest how many people true their wheels on the go?

  11. frankie says:

    dang it! they listened to y’all and now there’s no spoke wrench! i ride hard in philly and there are enough curbs and potholes to throw any wheel out of true if you hit em hard enough. A spoke tool gets me home and i am a real minimalist i would prefer it on this tool rather than having another piece of metal in my pocket. Bring back the spoke wrench and add a 6 allen key somewhere. It would be so easy…

  12. Nolan Fixed... says:

    Just ordered mine! Can’t wait!

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