Batavus Personal Bike AT

Seattle Bike Supply is the USA distributor for “the Dutch Biking Sensation,” Batavus bicycles. At the 2008 Sea Otter Classic, SBS showed some of the Batavus models now available in the United States such as the Personal Bike AT.

The Batavus Personal Bike AT features a very low step through frame, skirt guard and chain guard, full steel fenders, generator powered halogen headlight, battery powered tail light, rear rack, coaster brake and front hand brake. The model I tried at Sea Otter has a Shimano Nexus 3 speed hub; a singlespeed is also available. This is a large bike and weighs in at a hefty 48 pounds so you won’t be lugging this bike up to your third floor apartment, but otherwise this is a very stable and comfortable bike to cruise around town with. Sorry, Sue, there aren’t any turn signals for this bike.

This video shows a really unique feature of the Personal Bike AT — an integrated cable lock that stores inside the frame. When you want to lock the bike, you pull the hidden cable lock out of downtube, loop it around the bike rack along with any other bikes you want to lock up and lock it to the frame. It’s pretty cool.

See more informatoin about this bike at The 3 speed Personal Bike AT currently lists for $1,028.51; the single speed lists for $892.91.

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0 thoughts on “Batavus Personal Bike AT”

  1. Ghost Rider says:

    Wow…that bike looks (at least frame and configuration-wise) suspiciously like the Biria Easy-Boarder series: , another Nexus-3 powered city bike.

    The Batavus has a lot more cool features — generator-powered lights, skirtguard, that nifty lock — than the Biria, though!

  2. Efried says:

    Well there are other similar bikes like the City Avenue from KTM

  3. keith says:

    Integrated bike lock looks sweet!

    Nice feature that smacks of old world engineering.

  4. pacific rider says:

    Check out “Clever Bikes” in Portland, Oregon on Hawthorne street for great Dutch bicycles!

  5. Arne says:

    Check out the Velorbis Victoria Classic at – The Velorbis bicycles are considered Europe’s No. 1 Dutch Style bicycles. I have a Velorbis Victoria Classic myselves and I loooove it.

  6. Penny Fleming says:

    I took a bike tour of Holland with The Dutch Travel Advisor. He rented a bike for me that was amazing. I must have one. Batavus. or something like this. Help me find one here in Newport Beach. I want to ride with ease and go places. I need a new bike. I am 57 and hooked on biking.

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