Last day to enter to win the Raleigh One Way

Update: The contest is over and I’m contacting the winner. That doesn’t mean you still can’t browse and get involved with the Commuter Bikes Database. Thanks for playing everyone!

If you haven’t entered already, today’s your last chance to enter to win the 2008 Raleigh One Way.

All you have to do is visit our new Commuter Bikes Database, register and then get involved. Just leave a comment, add a product, update a product, etc and you’re entered to win.

Make sure you use your real email address to register as that’s how we’ll contact the winner.

Good luck!

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0 thoughts on “Last day to enter to win the Raleigh One Way”

  1. leslie wright says:

    cool site!

  2. Glen says:

    Started commuting this week in advance of National Bike to Work Month. Sure would be a nice incentive to continue.

  3. Michael says:

    A most excellent incentive, indeed.

  4. akatsuki says:

    That is a cool contest.. could you do an article about cyclocross bikes as commuters? Ideally comparing the cross-check, crosshairs, la cruz and others in that range?

  5. Tim says:

    sharp lookin commuter bike….

  6. Michael says:

    I’ve been commuting by bike on and off for years, and solidly since last spring.

    For commuting purposes, I’m riding a department store Schwinn that I’ve modified to the point where the only original parts are the frame and wheels. Still, I’ve been looking to upgrade, and this database has given me more info and ideas in an hour than I’ve gotten in a month just browsing the web.

    Nice work.

  7. Laura says:

    i could use a nice bike like this. :]

  8. Justin says:

    Round trip to work for me is 122 miles, so commuting is not an option. However I have started taking the bike to run around town on the weekend.

  9. Mark says:

    Love the site – been lurking for a while, just registered and made an update to the DB. It’s going to be a great resource. Thanks!

    (fingers crossed for the Raleigh – I’ve been shopping for a new bike and it’s on the list!)

  10. Barbara says:

    I commuted by bike several years ago when work was only 9 miles away one way. Now it’s about 20 and I’d set my bike aside, but with gas prices so high, I’m trying to find the safest route and start pedal pushing once more. I’m so happy to have stumbled across this site. It looks very informative. Kudos!

  11. Christopher says:

    As it happens, I’m going on a cycling vacation (in New Mexico) during National Bike to Work Week. Should I feel guilty?

  12. JoshM says:

    Been looking at a single speed for my 4-mile relatively flat commute. Winning that Raliegh would kind of eliminate any need to keep shopping around…

  13. Eric says:

    I really like the resources of this website. I have been a bike commuter after I finished college and got a real job, 20 years ago. It runs in the family, my Dad started commuting by bike in 1963.

  14. James says:

    I can’t seem to upload jpgs to the commuter bikes database. What is the size limitation?

  15. Scott says:

    I’m taking delivery of a new Jamis Commuter 3.0 tomorrow, but I’m sure I could put the Raleigh to good use as well…

  16. Pbike says:

    It may be the “last day to register to win” this bike… but at least this model (or the Raleigh Sojurn) is a bike I’d actually want to ride. Check the wheelbase — these steel models are 1060 mm or thereabouts. There’s a reason they are “all day comfortable” — because the short wheelbase ultra-stiff frames are not.

  17. Svenstar says:

    My buddy just had his second bike stolen today in NYC. The first had a cheap U lock and he watched from two blocks away as a guy opened it with a two by four and road away. So, with the second he went to a hardware store and bought five feet of their heaviest chain and a big lock, made in China. Today he left work, looked for his bike and found the popped lock on the ground.

    So, I just sent him the link to this funny but serious video lesson in bike security:

    If I win this Raleigh I will gift it to him, after he buys a serious lock and chain!

  18. franco1 says:

    I like to read all the reviews on this site. There is alot of cool info.
    I have learned more about what makes a good commute and a good commuter bike.

  19. bikesgonewild says:

    …as a guy who’s been cycling a long time & being an ex-industry person, (w/ some nice bikes to my name) i tend to wanna see nice giveaways like this raleigh go to newer &/or younger cyclists…folks who might better “benefit” from it, if you will because it will encourage enthusiasm which will hopefully be shared…

    …but i’ll be honest w/ you, that “raleigh one way” had me wondering how much self restraint i actually had…i’m proud to say, for my own reasons that i didn’t register to try & win it but that is a damn nice looking bike…

    …i’m not sure if i’m dealing w/ maturity, senility or insanity here, but good luck to you guys & whoever wins it is gonna enjoy that bike…no doubt about it !!!…

  20. Inquiring Mind says:

    So, who ended up winning this contest? I never saw an announcement or anything. Congrats to whomever. How’s the bike?

  21. david in fla says:

    Well, I guess I didn’t win. But who did? Can we get an update to see how they love the new Raleigh?

  22. Len says:

    I got an email from that I won! I haven’t received the bike yet, but will certainly report on the ride once I get it.

    Just in time, too, as my company is moving offices to a location that should a be a perfect commute by bike.

  23. Len says:

    OK, I’ve had the bike for just shy of 3 weeks. I picked it up at American Cyclery in San Francisco (great shop!) and took it out in Golden Gate park on my first ride. I rode it for about a week, then moved the nitto rear rack from my 1968 Raleigh Sports to the One Way. Because I also ride in fairly urban environment, I also swapped saddles with the Sports, moving my B67 to the One Way and the aged B17 to the Sports.

    Overall, I love the bike. It’s easy to ride and with the rack and rear basket, I use it for errands, transportation, and just fun. The 32s are the perfect tire for my type of riding, which is a mix of rougher roads, bike paths, the like. I usually ride it in the 3-10 mile range with no issues, but most of my rides are pretty flat. I am thinking about putting Albatross bars for comfort and visibility and an 18t freewheel on it to make the commute easier, esp on those few hills I have to go over. I really prefer the upright position of my Sports for commuting (I can see everything and people see me better), but wanted to give the drops a try. They are a bit narrow for me, designed for slipping between cars, I guess. I also don’t like looking a the bars to the front wheel instead of the scenery or the traffic and with the drops I tend to look down more.

    Overall, this is a great bike and I love it! Thanks again to Tim at Commute by Bike, Brian at Raleigh, and Kimo at American Cyclery for the One Way.

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