Month: April 2008

Georgia Cyclist Will Carry the Olympic Torch

Congratulations to Bonnie Bobbitt of Fayetteville, GA! This fellow cyclist will be carrying the Olympic Torch on it’s route to the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Bonnie will be one of 80 Americans to carry the Olympic Flame during the San Francisco leg of the Relay, the only U.S. stop during the torch’s world tour. “Judy…

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Earth Day:!@%$#! Cars, Ride Your Bike

Ride Your Bike BadgeEarth Day is around the corner and, the way we see it, the only thing better than having an excuse to ride our bikes is having an excuse to get lots of people to ride their bikes.

You might have guessed that we have a passion for bicycles here at the Bike Trailer Blog. A big part of that comes from our desire to minimize our individual impact on the environment. Join with us this Earth Day in promoting bicycling as a solution for earth friendly transportation.

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"Flintstone Car" Case Thrown Out of Court

You may have seen this video floating around the interwebs a few months back, which shows Michel de Broin’s so called Flintstone Car hitting the street and eventually getting pulled over by Toronto Police. The ’86 Buick Regal was gutted and “equipped with 4 independent pedal and gear mechanisms that make it possible for passengers…

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Commuter profile: Dolin in the South Bay

Dolin is a fashion designer in San Francisco who (until recently) commuted from her home in San Jose to her job in San Francisco via Caltrain, riding her bike the two miles from home to the train station. ” It was a very long and tiring commute,” says Dolin, “but the thing I looked forward…

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No Tax On Sub-$1000 Bikes (in Ontario)

Up here in my home province of Ontario, the provincial government has removed the provincial sales tax (PST) on bikes under $1000. The program, introduced last December has been extended for another two years until the end of 2010. “We want to encourage more Ontarians – young and young-at-heart – to get outdoors, spend time…

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Insanely long bike commute

I think most CBB readers know that my commute is “multi-modal.” That means I ride a bus, a train and then my bike to work. Today, I missed my bus. Rather than wait 15 minutes for the next bus, I decided to bike the entire distance to work. For me, the entire distance is 44…

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Improve bike sales with commuter appeal

Ray Keener, a long time bike industry sales consultant, wrote up his creative ideas for Commute By Bike on how bike retailers can capitalize on increased interest in bike commuting. Keener writes for BRaIN and runs the Bicycle Leadership Conference. Visit his website GrowthCycle. Ray also recently developed the Selling Coasting retail training tool. Selling…

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New Trailer Lineup

The Bike Trailer Shop has been expanding a bit lately, and in the interest of reaching all segments of the bike trailer market, no matter how niche, we’ve have decided to throw our hat into the trailer-building ring with the first two of what we hope will be a long line of branded trailers.

Pony TrailerThe first of our new bike trailers, sure to be a hit among riders of all stripes, is the Pony trailer, designed exclusively for the mass transport of refreshing beverages. You’ll be like the pied piper with this trailer, followed closely wherever you ride by hordes of thirsty fellow bikers.

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Video: Bicycle Anatomy 101

This is an amazing little video put together by Carlton Reid of It walks you through all of the parts of your bicycle and lets you know what they are really called (as opposed to “that lever thingy”). Let us know what you learned… Bicycle Anatomy for Beginners from carltonreid on Vimeo.

Bike Trailer Sound Systems

Bike Trailer Music SystemWhile most of you are probably just concerned with a good trailer for bike touring or getting your groceries home with, there is a growing scene of eclectic and sometimes inspiring ways to make further use of cargo trailers.

Bicycles and music are finding a union through bicycle trailers. In bike festivals and parades a wild variety of sound systems can be found perched on bicycles and mounted on cargo machines.

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