Happy USA National Bike Month

May is National Bike Month in the United States, and with gasoline approaching $4 per gallon in the United States now is as good a time as any to ride your bike to work, to the store, to school, to the park or just for fun.

The League of American Bicyclists suggest 50 ways to celebrate Bike Month (large PDF), Bike Snob NYC critiques some of those ideas, and cyclist groups outside of Colorado are organizing Bike To Work Day events.

In the past, transportational bicycling was just one of many parts of bike promotion events during Bike To Work Month. In 2008, though, commuting by bike seems to take center stage. This article from New Hampshire exhorts people to “Get in the car free habit.” The Sacramento Bee encourages readers to bike to work. College newspapers tells students to park their cars and bike to work and school. Even the insurance industry reminds cyclists to lock their bicycles so they don’t have to make a theft claim.

The 2008 Bike Commuters of the Year were announced last week in the San Francisco Bay Area. A bike commuter from each of the nine counties of the Bay Area is selected.

The League of American Bicyclists also announced 11 new Bicycle Friendly Communities this morning. Colorado Springs, CO; Durango, CO; and Minneapolis, MN each received a “Silver” designation, while new “Bronze” level Bicycle Friendly Communities are Arcata, CA; Bainbridge Island, WA; Charlotte, NC; Charlottesville, VA; Coeur d’Alene, ID; Oxford, MS; Port Townsend, WA and Sitka, AK.

What’s going on in your area to promote commuting by bike? What media attention do you see encouraging people to ride their bikes?

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0 thoughts on “Happy USA National Bike Month”

  1. Mase says:

    Minneapolis is in Minnesota (MN) not Michigan (MI). FYI. (grin – sure that was just a typo)

  2. Fritz says:

    Ah, thanks for that. I almost put the University of Mississippi (at Oxford, MS) in Michigan also. I’ll fix that in a minute.

  3. david the wheel says:

    Here I am in the almost perfect bike enviroment and I rarely see people commute on bikes. I’ve been commuting for years now. My bike of choice, a 79 raliegh 3spd with rod brakes, I think it’s called a roadster. Who knows? Go Bike Month!

  4. Ghost Rider says:

    David…me, too. It’s strange how cities with wet/cold or wet AND cold conditions are the leaders in bike-friendly cities, yet pleasant-weather areas lag far behind. I wonder if anyone has done a study on that?

  5. JiMCi says:

    David, Ghost,

    What do most drivers think when they see you on your bike? This guy must be too poor to buy a car! When will they ride to work? When they’ll be too poor to buy gas…

    Cycling in wet/cold cities is popular because cycling keeps you warm and make you feel alive while waiting at the bus stop is cold, wet and miserable.

  6. Ghost Rider says:

    I’m sure that’s what many motorists think. “Oh, he must have gotten a DUI conviction and lost his license” or “he’s too poor to buy a car”, which I find especially ironic (in a humorous way) because my bike is more expensive than a lot of cars I see on the road around here.

  7. Girl Jen says:

    Happy Bike Month! Just today, I started putting some pressure on my boss to get him to bike commute.

  8. Brooke says:

    I’m working on a commuting-by-bike story for CNBC.com. Any new bike commuters in the NY-NJ area who wouldn’t mind being interviewed? Please email me at brooke.sopelsa at nbcuni dot com

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