Puma Urban Motility: The Glow Rider

We talk a lot around here about staying seen and safe while riding at night. You can use lights and reflective material, but what if your bike glowed in the dark?

Puma has a bike in their Urban Motility line called the Glow Rider. It comes in two colors (cream and orange), both of which glow in the dark.

Puma Glow Rider

Best of all, this bike isn’t just a one trick pony released for marketing purposes alone. It also comes with mechanical disc brakes, front and rear lights and a rust proof carbon steel chain for it’s singlespeed drive train. One of the coolest features (besides the glowing in the dark part of course) is the integrated lock system which leaves the bike unrideable if it’s broken. Although it’s not full proof, it’s the right step towards making your bike harder to steal than the one next to it. Click Here to see a video of it in action.

Here’s a couple pictures of the orange version and it’s “semi-folding” capibility.

The MSRP on the bike is $1600 and can be purchased at a Puma dealer or in their online shop.

Official Puma Website

Puma Glow Rider

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0 thoughts on “Puma Urban Motility: The Glow Rider”

  1. Kaz Kougar says:

    Wait, Puma makes bikes?

  2. Ghost Rider says:

    But what if it’s cloudy? I want something that is “self-luminous”, like the following:


    (so what if it’s mildy radioactive?)

  3. Quinn says:

    I want one! Or rather the paint that they use.

    looking at the design, gotta wonder if this bike is actually from Slingshot?

  4. Dust says:

    Cool bike, what size are those wheels? 20 Inch?

    Ghost Rider: That “self-luminous” stuff looks great! The website said that (as you stated, mildly radioactive) some people have been poisoned with it. But it’s a cool idea – maybe this could solve our radioactive waste problem. That’d be better than more animals falling into the radioactive ooze and becoming some sort of ninja fighting group or something.

  5. Ghost Rider says:

    The technology that “litroenergy” is based on is the same thing that police rely on for night-visible gun sights…radioactive tritium. I haven’t heard any reports about cops getting sick from carrying such-equipped guns, so I take that as pretty positive news.

  6. Gfried says:

    I never rains in Pumaland?

    Please add a belt drive, some mud guards and some light and come back with a pictures

  7. That’s an interesting design – I like the cable down tube too. When I look at a bike frame, common sense (the common sense that knows nothing about dynamics, structures, moments, forces, etc) says that the downtube is in compression. But as the Puma demonstrates, that just ain’t the case!

    I’m with Gfried though – needs chain (rather than beltdrive) & mudguards. And a rack.

  8. Quinn says:

    I think the belt drive is cool, but I think the disc brakes need to come off.

  9. Fritz says:

    For those who asked: Puma’s “Urban Mobility” bikes are designed by Biomega exclusively for Puma.

  10. Siouxgeonz says:

    Might not be a *one* trick pony, but it’s still not a commuter bike. Yea, they can see me. Therefore, I assume they expect this to be ridden at night.

    Turn signals? 🙂

    (Fenders? Skirt guard? Place to carry stuff? I need a *many* trick pony.)

  11. Ira says:

    Any idea what the weight is. The wheel size looks to be 24″

  12. Ira says:

    The wheel size looks to be 24″. Any idea about the weight?

  13. What a great looking bike. I would be very afraid to drive those in certain neighborhoods, though.

  14. Shiny Flu says:

    I always love my commuter bikes to be simple. Copying the slingshot design and integrating a thin gauge lock doesn’t have me convinced. Puma sports wear fans can go eat your heart out 🙂

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