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Several individuals and groups have started bike commute convoys around the nation. These group rides provide social interaction and help encourage new riders. Because bike commute convoys generally have a fixed route with time points to allow others to join the convoy, they’re also called bicycle buses or bike trains.

Kansas City. Noah (who writes for CBB) leads Monday Commuter Convoy across Kansas City, Missouri. KC Bike Info has details on additional bike convoys in the Kansas City area.

Silicon Valley. I’m leading a South Bay Bike Bus from near downtown San Jose to Menlo Park. The specific route and time points are still a work in progress and I’ll adjust the route depending on participants, but I envision a route that runs from San Jose through Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Mountain View and Palo Alto to pass by many of Silicon Valley’s largest employers.

Washington DC. The Washing Area Bicyclist Association lists several commuter convoys from all around DC and surrounding cities, with most leading to downtown DC.

Hawaii. The Hawaii Bicycling League is organizing bike convoys for Bike to Work Day through various locations in Honolulu.

Massachusetts. Experienced cyclists will lead Safe Rider Convoys for Boston, Cambridge, and Newton, MA on Bike to Work Day on Friday, May 16.

Minneapolis / St. Paul. A number of convoys are organized across the Twin Cities during Twin Cities Bike Walk Week from May 12 – 18, 2008.

Are there other bike bus / bike train / bike convoys you know if your area?

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0 thoughts on “Join a bicycle convoy”

  1. jeff says:

    Hi. Please join the Bicycle to Work! LinkedIn networking group. Members pledge that they will try to ride their bicycle to work or on an errand at least once a week. Although the benefits should be obvious, let me outline them here.

    Right now people in the industrialized world are facing two very grave problems: obesity and a growing scarcity of oil. Compounding this problem is the new food shortage brought about, in part, by the conversion of food cropland to bio-fuel crop production. Most people feel powerless to help, but there is one thing that we can do. Ride our bicycles to work.

    If everyone would agree to ride their bikes to work one day per week we could cut oil consumption by as much as 10-15%. No one would argue that riding a bike burns more calories than driving the car. Although popular politically right now, most bio-fuels consume more energy than they produce. We would be much better to eat those bio-crops then use our own energy to transport us around.

    So spread the word. Make it a movement! Bicycle to work one day a week and do your part to cut back obesity and the overuse of oil and precious cropland.

    Just go to my profile at and you can click on the group to be included. While you are there, don’t forget to ask to link to my network of more than 7,000,000 like-minded professionals. I accept all invitations and look forward to meeting you.


  2. lady clay says:

    I live in Decatur, GA, which is a small town located more or less inside Atlanta. I just read in our town newsletter that there’s a bike train for kids in one of our neighborhoods – I think an adult runs it, and the kids join up on their way to school in the morning. Cool idea, eh?

  3. Charlie D. says:

    Boston is doing bike convoys for Bike Week as well:

  4. benshead says:

    Providence, RI has two bike trains planned for its upcoming Bike-to-Work Day. Check it out here:

  5. Cafn8 says:

    I’ve often thought I’d like to get involved in some sort of convoy/ buddy system for my commute. It would help form a safety standpoint, a motivation standpoint, a tech support standpoint, and I could probably think of other benefits. The problem is finding people headed the same direction as me at the same time as me.

    The people I meet going in the opposite direction (not many) may or may not be commuting, but who cares? They’re going the wrong way. The ones going my way that I’ve slowed to talk to (very few) are usually people who don’t work as late as me and are just out for a ride after work. If there were any cyclists going my way, who like to keep a similar pace as me they are, by definition, people I’ll never meet on a normal commute.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for how to meet those people, or find such a bicycle convoy if one exists? By the way, I live in New Jersey and ride Bloomfield-Wood Ridge-Bloomfield 3 seasons out of the year.

  6. Ghost Rider says:

    God, that sounds like a blast…it’s too bad that my start and finish times for work fly against everyone elses, or I would totally create/join a convoy!

    Sometimes I don’t have to be at work until 5:30PM, and I get out way after dark. Everyone else is already home…

    I wish luck and happy riding to everyone else who takes part in this great idea, though!!!

  7. Mike Myers says:

    I would be a convoy of one, here.

  8. Siouxgeonz says:

    Okay. What does it take to make one of these things happen? Have there been unintended consequences?

    When we were chatting up bike to work week, I suggested that I could drop in at the Starbucks that’s opened near me (I am not sure I have ever darkened the doors of a Starbucks, given that I don’t drink coffee and if I did I would not pay that much for it, but it’s a reasonable location at teh East end of town and I work just past hte West end of town) and have some copies of good E-W routes handy for people who wanted to depart at different times, but also lead a convoy of sorts. I s’pose it would be a little like leading a ride – remind people of expectations of group riding (tell ’em that yea, I’m going to stop at stop signs and signal potholes, etc)… it’s a 6 mile traipse.
    What should a person think about ?

  9. Peter says:

    I’ve heard the term ‘bikepooling’ before, but whatever works!

  10. In Long Beach, CA we have a Farmer’s Market bike convoy.
    Currently there are 3 pick-up locations that offer discounts to riders.
    We get in a ride, get our grocery shopping done, and help our local economy by buying locally grown foods.

  11. We have a “BikePool” event here in Long Beach, CA.
    Every Sunday a group of riders meet and ride to the Farmer’s Market.
    There are currently 3 pick-up locations, where businesses give discounts and incentives to riders. It’s a lot of fun meeting folks you wouldn’t normally interact with on the wednesday evening road ride. We get our shopping done, socialize, and help local farmers.

  12. Brian says:

    Anybody out there in las vegas?

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