Bike Trailer Bazaar

Bike to Work WeekWith National Bike-to-Work-Week kicking off, the Flagstaff Biking Organization kicked things off here with there Bike Bazaar in Downtown Flagstaff. It’s a great event for all the Bike Heads to come out and sell off all the miscellaneous bike parts that have been building up in their garage. We were cleaning house as well.

We used Jeff’s Bikes-At-Work trailer not only to get everything to the Bike Bazaar but also a perfect way to sort and arrange the used stuff we had for sale. With six bins we had the $1, $2, $3, $5, $10 and $15 bins. It made it nice and easy to sell stuff with very little bartering. If something wasn’t moving we just shifted it down to the next cheaper bin. By the end of the day the bins were empty and I had a nice wad of cash in my pocket. Not only is this trailer great for bargain bins it is also an excellent Earth Day Recycling Machine.

We had the bike trailer bin sale up front and on the table in back we had information about all of our trailers at the along with a sample Burley Nomad, BOB Ibex, Xtracycle and a sampling of Ortlieb panniers and Tubus racks to catch there attention.

Bike Trailer Shop at the Bike BazaarWe also were using the event as an opportunity to scout the local scene for someone to fill the open Sales Associate position we have at the Read more about the position on the About Us section of the

Thanks to Fritz at Bicycling Blog for helping pass on the word about our search for a new employee with his post on his most excellent bike commuting focused blog.

With or without National Bike-To-Work-Week, Jeff did his usual great job of keeping up with his 12.5 mile commute by bike. It turns out there was a great turnout and Jeff reported lots of smiling faces and ringing bike bells on his way in. As usual, I chose to walk my .006 mile commute.

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0 thoughts on “Bike Trailer Bazaar”

  1. Jeff says:

    Hi, I am wondering whether your website would benefit from a links page to sites such as Bikes Not Bombs. I think many users have old bikes and parts they would like to get rid off when buying one of your new bike products. Bikes Not Bombs would help them do that. If you provided more links of the kind, I would be interested as well.


  2. Josh says:


    We’ve just updated our links page with a bunch of great Blogs and other useful sites related to bike trailers.
    We’ll get a post up to Bike Not Bombs soon too.


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