Commute by horse

Jackie Hutton of Pleasanton, Texas south of San Antonio commutes the four miles to work on Tester, her horse. “What’s the good of making a living if you can’t live?” says Jackie. “Do what’s important.”

Read and see more KSAT 12 News. The video shows Jackie taking the lane with her horse.

Via Tomorrow Morning’s Weather and Jen in Chicago.

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0 thoughts on “Commute by horse”

  1. wannaCmore says:

    I’ve joked to wife that I was thinking about getting a pair of goats. They could keep the weeds under control (so that I wouldn’t have to mow [ I am a slacker]), milk them, and hook up them up to a small trailer. Damned oil closed at $133 a barrel today!! This keeps up, we are all going to be like the Amish, but with WIFi…

  2. Quinn says:

    In Rural, ranch-country Nevada there is atleast 2 high school students riding their horses to school, strange who we are “regessing” back to horses,

    This makes me think of the senetor(?) that called bikes a 19th century solution to a 21st century problem.
    How about a solution that’s a Millenia old??

  3. Surly Bee-anchi Lady says:

    I love horses and decided to get my Big Dummy instead of a horse. Main reason: bikes are much lower maintenance than a Horse! (I already have cows and chickens!) But on the other hand, I could move hay with my Big Dummy to feed my horse. . . . hmmmm, will get back to you on this!

  4. Noemie says:

    thanks for this great read i enjoyed it

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