Canadian auto club offers bike assistance

British Columbia cyclists who suffer flat tires and other mechanical woes can call the British Columbia Automobile Association (BCAA) Road Assist program for free roadside assistance during British Columbia’s Bike to Work Week and Bike Month from May 26 to June 30.

From May 26 to June 30 – “Bike To Work Week” and “Bike Month” – cyclists who’ve experienced a mechanical breakdown can contact BCAA Road Assist and, depending on the availability of a driver, they’ll be picked up and driven a maximum of five kilometres to their destination or a bike repair shop.

This is the third year BCAA has offered the service, steering more British Columbians toward the environmental and health benefits of cycling. “We get so used to commuting by car that we may not think to change our routines and try something different,” says Ken Cousin, Director of BCAA Road Assist. “And with gas prices soaring, many may just give it a go this year.”

Criteria for BCAA “Bike Assist” from May 26 to June 30:

  • The cyclist must have experienced a mechanical breakdown (no assistance will be provided to cyclists looking to avoid challenging terrain or inclement weather);
  • The cyclist and his/her bike will be picked up and driven a maximum of five kilometres to their destination or a bike repair shop;
  • Only one cyclist can be accommodated at a time;
  • Priority will be given to BCAA member calls for vehicle assistance.
  • Service to cyclists will be provided as resources permit.

Cyclists needing help can call BCAA Road Assist at 604-293-2222 (Lower
Mainland), 1-800-222-4357 (rest of B.C.) or (*)222 by cell phone anywhere in

More info about BCAA at

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0 thoughts on “Canadian auto club offers bike assistance”

  1. bikesgonewild says:

    …you know, even the consideration is great…i know it involves “motor vehicle assistance” but the BCAA are extending themselves out where many organizations wouldn’t tread…

    …maybe someday they could broaden their service to include a bicycle service van available year round to paying members…despite what some of the “purists” might say, this could be a valuable tool in encouraging more cycling commuters, including those who might consider riding but don’t have the mechanical aptitude or initial patience (due to a work schedule) to deal w/ problems…

    …it also cuts both ways…if a cycling repair &/or limited transportation service were offered through a motor vehicle service, i would assume the educational aspects would become better addressed…

    …those damn nice canadians may not even realize just how good this could eventually become…

  2. Joe says:

    What would be cooler would BCAA offering their cycling members this service year round.

  3. john t says:

    That’s great but I recommend avoiding the flat tire in the first place. Get THORN PROOF tubes from your LBS.

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