CBB Poll: How physical is your job?

This thread at BikeForums brings up an interesting point — what types of jobs do people commute to? Do most bike commuters have sedentary desk jobs? Does anybody commute by bike to a job that involves back breaking hard labor? Where do you fit?



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0 thoughts on “CBB Poll: How physical is your job?”

  1. William Boyd says:

    Desk Job. If it wasn’t for my 23 mile per day commute I’d be fat and crazy.

  2. trevor says:

    not sedentary. 20 mile commute burns the lunch off.

  3. Noah says:

    The interesting thing is that the ones most likely to take this poll are most likely the kind who sit at a computer all day.

    Granted, we’ll see some heavy lifters respond, but it was kind of like when BikeCommuters.com interviewed me and asked this:

    “I find it interesting that more than a few bike commuters are involved in the tech sector, why do you think that is?”

    My reply?
    “… When you’re reading e-mail and blogs, you’re dealing with a subset of the human race that’s above average on the technical scale. It’s not surprising to find a bunch of loonies in the loony bin, nor is it surprising to find a bunch of techies in the blogosphere.”

  4. John says:

    21 Mile Commute. I drive around polluting in a UPS Truck all day. I actually hate driving I dont even own a car. I am in a tech heavy area and most of the other commuters are tech guys in an office. It can sometimes get a little tiring especially on the way home but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  5. Spenny says:

    1.5 mile commute with heavy lifting all day!

  6. xChokex says:

    What about the desk job with much heavy lifting? I’m a millworks specialist, so I’m either sitting at a desk working up window & door orders for houses or I’m actually stocking them, loading them and moving them around. With a 8 mile round trip commute.

  7. Badger says:

    I’m outside working hard 7 hours per day, the rest of the day is reserved for doing paperwork and returning phone calls. I eat like a pig and still manage to lose weight March through November.

  8. Adam says:

    I’m an art teacher, so I’m on the move all day in my classroom, but my bike commute is only a mile each way. Before I started teaching though, I had a much longer commute (at 1 in the morning) to where I worked at a shipping company doing hard physical work. Both commutes helped me not dread going to work and helped me unwind after work as well.

  9. Tim Grahl says:

    Sedentary here… I sit in a comfy chair and stare slack jawed at a Mac all day.

    I honestly believe my regular riding habit will be the only thing that keeps me from keeling over at age 40 of a heart attack.

  10. Ghost Rider says:

    My job is as a reference librarian…so it is mostly sedentary staring at a computer terminal with the occasional carrying of book piles and pushing carts. Every now and then, I patrol the stacks and computer areas telling people to shut up. Thank God I get to ride to and from work every day!!

  11. Mark says:

    Sedentary as well here as an ME. Been doing this a long time but have always been active. Looking forward to getting back intot he bike commuting; use to do it and enjoyed the many benefits it offers….

  12. Jenna says:

    I ride 10mi each day to a desk job that I try to get up and move around every hour- or go nuts. I tend not to call people in the office, but walk over to them. I also walk another 2 mi during my lunch; however, to be fair I am tring to lose weight.

  13. elise says:

    I work part of my day in an office and the other part as a crazed art teacher at a Boys and Girls Club. With 50 students at a time and host of other things going on allll of the time…I’m very active there. It makes up for my morning which is slower. My commute is between 6-12 miles a day, depending on if I’m tired and take the bus home at night!

  14. David says:

    28 miles a day.
    Mostly office work but I do go out to the shop floor (printing house) a few times a day to talk to the workers.
    When I’m in my office I work standing up. I have a custom made desk that can either be raised or lowered. It’s actually a law in places in Europe to have this kind of arrangement.
    Also when I’m in meetings I’m up walking around the conference room the whole time. It drives people nuts.
    The commute home is against the wind so it is pretty tough at times.

  15. Quinn says:

    Direct Care Social Worker- more active than a paper pusher, less active than a garbage man.

  16. JiMCi says:

    Sitting most of the day in a box looking at a computer screen, I could’nt stand commuting to work, sitting in a steel box with four wheels looking at the world trough a windshield! I started riding to work because of a fellow worker, a carpenter doing physical work all day, riding to work year round, every day. Considering the winters we have here (Montreal, Canada), I believe this guy deserves the Commuter of the Year Award!

  17. Paul in Minneapoils says:

    Being in the tech field I do get to move around some, but nothing like my past jobs, stock grocery store shelves. Over the last three years my commutes were under 10 miles a day. Now working as an IT atlest my commute is longer, but still its under 20 miles a day.
    Yesterday it was raining here in minneapolis. There weren’t as many cyclists, although I still saw over thirty on my way home.

  18. lahodji says:

    I am a cubicle rat… commercial, business to business collector. I try to stand as much as I can and I walk on breaks, but otherwise chained to the cube by a headset. I just started riding again after a 10 year hiatus. My commute is 5 to 6 miles round trip, depending on road construction. I love it. Excellent stress buster. My car driving co workers think I am nuts. Too bad!

  19. john t says:

    My job is physically demanding. My co-workers can’t believe I bike to work. It would kill them, but it is what gives me my energy.

  20. Da n says:

    I have a desk job, but I walk around quite a bit. Up the stairs, across the street, or maybe a few blocks for meetings. Plus, I usually walk to lunch about 4 blocks away.

  21. Jack says:

    Semi-retired auto dealership shuttle driver, so I move around the county driving a van, lots of social benefits. 21+ miles round trip commute, a little tired some evenings but feel much better for it.

  22. Tom says:

    I’m between the active and heavy lifting. I’m an RN and depending on how sick my patients are it can involve constant movement and very little lifting or lots of moving and lots of heavy lifting. But I’m on my feet most of the night. By bike it would be a 13 mile over-the-hill commute, but I do it multi-modal so it runs about 3 miles each way.

  23. Ghost Rider says:

    My wife is an RN and her work experiences mirror Tom’s — when the “lift team” isn’t available, she gets a good workout moving her patients, and she spends each 12-hour shift on her feet. But, that doesn’t stop her from a 10-mile roundtrip bike commute — something she looks forward to every day!

  24. Ron Georg says:

    As a small town reporter, I don’t do much heavy lifting, but I do take countless small trips to meetings, events and interviews. I use my bike almost exclusively, but I have no idea how many miles I cover. I don’t like bike computers, so I’ll probably never know–unless our legislators become truly enlightened and start allowing us to write off milage the same way drivers do.

    From the driver’s perspective, that write-off is relief for daily expenses–but from an economic perspective, it’s designed to encourage driving, which, in our perverse system, goes down as a positive economic factor, since it drives so much spending. Cycling, on the other hand, doesn’t goose the GDP, so it’s not encouraged, unless some legislator wants green to earn green points with token gestures like the current $20/month proposal.

    If legislators really wanted to promote cycling, they’d give us a larger per-mile write off to recognize that our contributions, through saving resources and promoting the health of people and environment, are much greater than those of people spending cash at the pumps and car dealers.
    Happy Trails,

  25. welshcyclist says:

    I commute 22 miles round trip each day, and I work 12 hour shifts, on the move all day, with no lifting, and yes I do find it tiring, sometimes, on the way home into a headwind, but I feel great after that extra effort, which makes it all seem very worth while.

  26. Matt R says:

    I am a general laborer in a metalworking shop, usually working ten hour days. I commute by bike about every other day. My feet hurt like hell most days but I find on the days I’m on my bike I have more energy in the evening, and I’m definitely more relaxed than when I drive the car. I’d probably do it every day if I had a desk job (and I’m able to use the college degree that’s collecting dust).

  27. Girl Jen says:

    I commute three miles to work each day….and then I sit on my butt for 12 hours. I’m an ambulance dispatcher.

  28. Spike003 says:

    I am a driver/dockman for a flooring company. Everything is heavy and I work a 10hr. day. I commute 13 round trip here in Austin(hills and heat). I used to to twice as many miles in Chicago, but it’s flat out that way.
    I don’t own a car and I never will!

  29. Jimbo says:

    Machinist, CNC lathes on my feet all day and some lifting. I was a cook and after walking around a shop or the kitchen I look forward to sitting on my bike and riding home. I have an easy 6 mile ride each way. When I cooked it was a 15 mile trip one way through some of the worst traffic in Boise. I would rather ride home tired than sit in traffic.

  30. adamb says:

    14 mile commute each day (more when running errands, etc.) and I work 6 days a week managing a bike shop. Sometimes the legs feel extra heavy but riding is my mental and physical saving grace. I am a total grump when I cannot ride. Plus, I need to lead by example when standing on my soapbox telling people to leave their cars at home!

  31. Meghank says:

    Currently, I bike 12 miles to work and immediately after work 5 miles to go to class to be a licensed teacher. Right now, I’m a file clerk. I’m told that once I’m a teacher, it will be so tiring that I won’t be able to bicycle every day (student teaching next semester in a bad neighborhood), but I don’t buy it. I think it will give me more energy.

  32. Siouxgeonz says:

    Desk job… but I don’t sit there for long at a time. Just have too much energy 🙂

  33. TeamRoundBoys says:

    Apprentice Plumber. 20 round trip at most, sometimes I park and ride. I can break my back some days and be bored the next. Funny thing is I’m never too tired to ride home.

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