Whack a pump

Thursday, June 19 (aka Juneteenth) is national Dump the Pump Day in the United States. The American National Public Transportation Association created this goofy “Whack a Pump” game. Enjoy!

Click here for more on Dump the Pump Day.

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0 thoughts on “Whack a pump”

  1. john t says:

    We are going downtown today on light rail. However, the 2 of us will pay a total of $8.40 in fares. We haven’t given the pump much of a whack, seeing that we would use about $2.00 in fuel to drive.

    We are bike enthusists because it truly is a free way to travel.

  2. matthew booth says:

    The game is fun but makes me nervous. I was playing a whack-a-mole game at Sea World San Diego and I got so anxious my heart rate went high enough I could feel it through my chest.

    @John T – I think it’s safe to say the only real way to save money is to not own a car period. Otherwise you could save more money adjusting other areas of our consumer habits.

  3. siouxgeonz says:

    Gosh, I honestly thought I was supposed to do something odd with my Road Morph. I use my pump regular-like to inflate my tires.
    Of course, if we could *really* whack-a-pump – oh, say with a magnetized road morph that would disable the credit card slot – there might be even more folks foregoing the petrol…

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