Happy Canada Day!

It is July 1st, which means it is Canada Day!

Since my company decided to switch our day off to Monday, so we get a 3 day weekend, I have to work on the birthday of my nation.   So, I decided to share my commute with you.

A. My ride and her parking spot.

Affectionately known as “Ride the Lighting” thanks to stickers from Pinkbike.com, T.H.E. Industries, and White Lightning.

My gear.   My trusty XL Timbuk2 messenger bag, with my iPod (I try not to listen when riding, but sometimes I do), and my change of clothes.   What’s missing.   My U-lock gets thrown in because I don’t like the rattle it makes on my rack.   I left my “work” shoes at work last week so I don’t have to carry them today.   My rain coat was left at home (thanks Weather Network) and no lunch today because I’ll treat myself to lunch on Canada Day.   I usually carry a pump, levers, and a tube, but my tools are tied up in my CamelBak this morning.

According to Google Maps, my commute is 10.1 km (6.3 mi) but I know it is a little bit shorter because I take the covered bridge shortcut.   The letters correspond to the photos.

B. The covered bridge.

The Covered Bridge

C. Gordon Hill.   The only significant hill on my commute.   It is not a big deal, but it is enough to think twice about singlespeed gearing.   It is only about 700 m (1/2 mile) but it does cause me to break a sweat.

End of Bike Lane!

D. After passing the University of Guelph, I come to the worst part of my route, the temporary end of the bike lane.

E. The best part of the no bike lane section is seeing the price of gas.   ($1.352/litre ~ $5.12/gallon)

F. 1.8 km (1.1 mi) later, the bike lane returns.   Yay.   It is followed by a nice long, gradual downhill.   It is my favourite part of the ride.

G. This bakery is part of my “local village“.   I try to stop here most days on my way home to pick up some fresh bread and cheese.

H. As an eastern Canadian, I should have stopped at Tim Horton’s on Canada Day, but Starbucks is much closer to work and a much shorter distance to carry my coffee on my bike.   I guess I need to invest in a bike specific coffee mug.

I. The water tower signifies that I’m almost there.   (I liked this shot so much, it is now my desktop background!)

J. My sketchy, at work bike parking.   There are bike racks around the other side of the building, but this gas meter is right in front of my window and my bike is ugly enough to not attract much attention.   The racks are also chained to a tree, but there is just something about gas lines that makes me think “permanent”!

What are you doing to celebrate Canada Day? If you have a similar post of your daily commute, post a link in the comments!

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0 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day!”

  1. William says:

    You ride for 15 minutes and you need a camelbak and change of clothes?

  2. JoelGuelph says:

    Change of clothes, definitely. Even with a low slung messenger bag, I get some sweatiness on my back. I also have a hard time going slow, so I tend to break a sweat on the climb, either from heat or because I need warm clothes for the rest of the ride.

    I don’t bring my CamelBak, or any hydration for that matter. I was trying to say that my tools are still in my CamelBak from my weekend mountain bike ride.

  3. Danomite says:

    With the humidity of Guelph there is no doubt that you would need a change of clothes.

    I hope that you went to the Sleeman Brewery for lunch. It is, afterall, Canada Day.

  4. mtbman1 says:

    Nice ride! (I mean the bike).
    Nice ride! (I mean the commute)
    Thanks for the nice pictures.
    The water tower IS a great shot!

  5. Ghost Rider says:

    Sweet-looking coroplast rear fender… I really like your front mudflap, too. Sometimes the ugliest bikes turn out to be our favorites!!

    What’s up with your rack? Can’t get it to sit flat?

  6. NoTrail says:

    My commute is about 16 minutes each way and I definitely need a change of clothes. It much to hot and humid to ride in my work clothes. I just throw on my cycling gear, pack my work clothes, and head out the door. Luckily I can shower at work in the AM.

    Nice pics from your commute. Thanks for sharing.

  7. LP says:

    Thanks for the great write up of your commute. I too enjoy passing the pump more than any other part of my ride. Looks like you have a pretty solid, safe route for your ride!

  8. JoelGuelph says:

    Thanks all for the nice comments.
    @William: Just because Google says it is “about 15 mins” doesn’t mean it only takes 15 minutes. It usually takes around 25 min.
    @Danomite: Sleemans is owned by the Japanese now! However, it is rather convenient being walking distance to a brewery!
    @Ghost Rider: The coroplast is awesome. I was thinking of putting up a review along with the directions I used to make it. And the rack won’t sit flat with current hardware. I could get some longer stays, but I can’t be bothered, as it works fine as is.

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